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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Barra Del Tordo, Mexico

Wednesday November 19…10:00pm

We were up by 7am, and went for a walk. Yesterday, there was a large bus/coach that was doing some repair work in the parking lot of
the Pemex. Steve and I had gone over to talk to them, and noticed the licence plate on the bus was from Louisiana. Turns out they run a fishing camp about a 20 minute walk from the Pemex, and they had invited us over to visit this morning. They take 14 people at a time from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas to come and fish at this lake for week. The coach is fully outfitted with bunk beds and the interior is done up like a motorhome. Very nice setup, and we suggested to them that they start an area for RV camping because there is nowhere else on this stretch of road, and they have ample level parking to do so.

A view of the lake and the mountains from the fishing camp

Lake Espanola at the fishing camp

From the dining room at the fishing camp

Following S&G through the town of Aldama

We drove for about 2 ½ hours this morning and arrived at our destination, Barra Del Tordo, at about noon. The last 50 km’s of road was paved, but with lots of potholes, and it took us about an hour to do that stretch. It was worth it though, because we are the only ones here, and it is free. A beautiful beach, and you can walk for miles. There are a lot of “palapas” (shelters) for people who come to the beach for day use, and we expect it could get quite busy here on the weekend. Also, they are advertising a fishing derby for Saturday, so that might be interesting. No internet here, but we will ride our bikes into a nearby village tomorrow and check it out…you never know.

Set up on the beach at Barra Del Tordo

A big bird in the tree

The beach goes for miles

View from the lighthouse

A little crabby guy...

Whiskey loves walking on the beach, but the grassy areas contain some kind of plant that has thorny seeds, and they stick into her paws. There are several beach dogs here, but they are very docile and they don’t pay any attention to Whiskey.

Whiskey on the beach

We crossed the Tropic of Cancer yesterday, and the weather is definitely feeling more tropical. Sunny, and a high of about 27 today, and it feels like we will only need a sheet over us for sleeping tonight.

Had S&G over to watch a movie on the laptop tonight. It sure is nice having the solar panels. Can’t quite figure out how we did it last year on the Baja, but now we have electricity to spare!

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…393

November Fuel $ 464.74 CAN

November Grocery $459.06 CAN

November Overnight costs $ 32.80 CAN

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