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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Side trip into Dallas

Saturday November 8…11:30pm

We relaxed most of the morning, and then headed to downtown Dallas with Don, Joanne and family. Joanne had planned a walking tour for us.

Ruth, playing with Abigail while Whiskey watches

We first went to the JFK museum which is located on the sixth floor of the old Texas Schoolbook Depository buidling where Lee Harvey Oswald had fired the gun that shot President Kennedy in 1963. There was a LONG lineup to get in, and we later found out that there is an eductors conference in town which has something like 26,000 attendees. So every attraction is overly busy this weekend. We decided to exit the lineup, and do some outdoors things first, and come back to the JFK exhibit later.

The building where Lee Harvey Oswald was when he shot JFK. You can see the open 6th floor window

We went to a park where there are about 50 bronze statues of cattle and cowboys. Really well done, and this is what I consider to be worthwhile artwork.

Bronze statues

Bronze cowboy statues

Bronze statues

Cows...right downtown...

Don, Jessica, Ruth, Joanne and Jefferey

After walking around, we went to a restaurant called Gator’s for a late lunch. Do not got there! We sat for 10 minutes without any recognition from anybody that we were there…they didn’t even give us menus. So we got up and left. I asked for the manager and told him why we were leaving, and he said “oh sorry” but didn’t look like he cared. Ended up at TGI Fridays, and had a good meal.

By the time we made it back to the JFK museum, it was about 3pm. The lineup was much shorter. We had a coupon to save $2 each off the admission, and the total came to $24 US ($27 CAN) for the two of us. But I think it was worth it…we enjoyed a 2 hour audio tour where they give you wireless headsets that enable you to pause the narration at each exhibit so that you can go at your own pace through the different sections. A little pricey, but really well done.

Taken through the car window at dusk, the street where JFK was shot

Picked up some groceries and Ruth made a lasagna for supper. Played “Chase the Ace” with everyone. We were happy to find out that Don and Joanne play Euchre, so after Jessica and Jeffery went to bed we played a few rounds of that.

Another perfect day. Sunny and 72F (22C).

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…383

November Fuel $ 284.92 CAN

November Grocery $176.36 CAN

November Overnight costs $ 21.00 CAN

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