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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coasta Esmerelda (day 2)

Wednesday November 26…10:45pm

400 nights sleeping in a motorhome!

For whatever reason, we are just not meant to have internet access! They are working on the hydro wires by the road, and electricity has been cut off. So now the hotel that we stayed at has internet…but it obviously doesn’t work with the power cut off!

We went for a walk this morning to check out the place Steve had found just down the road. It has nice grounds, and the RV spots actually have pads made with paving bricks, so it’s much nicer for Whiskey to walk around without getting those annoying little thorny seed pods stuck in her paws. We made a decision to move here later on this morning.

Went back to the hotel campground, and we all went for a swim in the pool…including Whiskey! She actually kind of fell in chasing her ball, and she looked like a drowned rat…it was funny.

We waited a while to see if the power came back on for one last check of the internet, but no such luck…so we moved down the road. We have the first two spots overlooking the ocean, so it’s really nice. We paid 94 pesos ($9.00 CAN, $7.50 US) for the night, but the rate gets higher on the weekends. Still, we think we might stay here a while.

Our spot by the beach

Another view of our setup

These are oranges...we paid $1 for them!

Steve and I rode our bikes into town because he wanted to check and see if he could watch the Liverpool football match on television in one of the bars. We did find one, and we also found an internet café that charges by the hour. His game started at 4:45pm, so we went back to the campsite for the afternoon. When we rode back at 4:30pm, Steve went to the bar, and I went to the internet. But I had to use their lousy computers, and everything was set up in Spanish. It was kind of a waste of time, so tomorrow I will take our laptop in my backpack, ride my bike back to the hotel we were at yesterday, and see if I can talk my way into being able to use their internet.

Kevin and Steve heading to the village of Casitas on the bikes

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…400

November Fuel $ 514.74 CAN

November Grocery $507.46 CAN

November Overnight costs $ 57.30 CAN

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