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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coasta Esmerelda

Tuesday November 25…10:00pm

We left the El Tajin ruins at about 9:00am. We headed for the Esmeralda Coast, which is a beachfront roadway between Poza Rica and Veracruz. It’s a popular area for Mexicans to come and vacation
during the summer. This is the off season, and most places are empty. There are about a dozen RV parks along this stretch, however very few live up to our expectations, especially given the prices. We stopped at the Camping de Alba whose website I had visited, and actually got parked up even though we thought it was a bit expensive. We were the only two RV’s there, with the exception of a couple of long term units. But nothing was the way it was described on their website, and none of us were very satisfied.

Steve and I took the bikes out and checked out a few other spots. It turned out that the one we had chosen was pretty much the worst of the bunch! We found a very nice hotel a little further down the beach, we have a very nice swimming pool all to ourselves, and internet, although we have to go to the lobby for good reception. They even gave us a key to a room so we could use the hot showers. We paid 140 pesos per night ($13.50 CAN, $11.00 US).

Our spot by the pool

The pool, all to ourselves

Wood carving at the hotel

So we packed up at the other place, left a note for the manager explaining why, and headed over here. Steve has since gone for a walk down the beach and found yet another better spot for even less money. So although we have paid for our night here, we may very well move down the road again tomorrow.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…399

November Fuel $ 514.74 CAN

November Grocery $507.46 CAN

November Overnight costs $ 48.30 CAN

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