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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sallisaw, Oklahoma

Tuesday November 4…10:15pm

We were up early this morning, and Ruth took Whiskey for a long walk while I spent some time on the internet. Once again, it’s a beautiful sunny day, although a bit windy.

We drove southeast, and as we got closer to the Ozarks, there was a lot of hills to climb. Not big ones, just rolling terrain. We had only driven about 45 minutes when we saw a sign for “State Recreation Area” and it said it was one mile down a side road, so we checked it out. It was a Corps of Engineers Park. These are normally boating/camping areas that are run by the Army Corps of Engineers, and are usually located at Lakes that have been formed by dams. And they’re usually very reasonable prices. This particular one at Snake Creek was a really nice campground, and it was EMPTY. It would have cost us $7 to stay here, and we could have picked the best site and I even had internet access from some house across the lake…but we had to drive a little further today.

Our lunch stop at Snake Creek Recreation Area

In hindsight, we should have stayed there. We didn’t make it much further because the winds had picked up even more, and I don’t enjoy driving Sherman when it’s that windy.

As we entered the town of Sallisaw, OK (pop 8,000) we saw a Casino and Racetrack. So we pulled in. This track does real horse racing with a jockey, and we’ve never seen that before. But they don’t do it on Tuesday nights! So we played some of their penny slot machines and left with a $1 profit.

As we exited the town to the south, we came across another casino. This one we decided to stay at for the night. We signed up for their “Players Club” in hopes of getting some “free” benefits, but the girl couldn’t figure out how to input our Canadian drivers licenses. Eventually, she did get a supervisor to figure it out (even she needed help) and we were signed up. But without freebies. We decided to splurge and gave ourselves a $10 limit each. Sure enough, we each lost our $10, however while we were playing the games, the girl from the Players Club came up and gave us some casino trinkets and a $15 coupon for breakfast tomorrow morning. So we had fun spending $20 in entertainment, but we get to park overnight for free, plus we get to have breakfast in the morning. And from looking at the menu, $15 is going to buy a lot of breakfast for the two of us!

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…379

November Fuel $ 168.95

November Grocery $106.90

November Overnight costs $ 11.80

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