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Monday, December 14, 2009

How did we become motorhomers?!

In July 2007, we had never been in a motorhome. By October 2007 we were living and travelling in one!

How did all that happen? Here's the story...

Back in 2005, we had read in the travel section of the local newpaper about a website called http://www.globalfreeloaders.com/ and we signed up for it.

This site is similar to the http://www.couchsurfing.com/ site that we wrote about here .

Through globalfreeloaders, in early July 2007 we received an email from a British couple who were touring through Canada in their motorhome. They said they didn't need somewhere to sleep as they had their motorhome...they just needed somewhere fairly level to park for a night or two while they explored our city using public transit. We explained that our driveway wasn't very level, but that they were welcome to park the RV and use our spare bedroom for the duration of their stay with us. And so they did.

Glen and Steve had been travelling pretty much full time for 12 years! During their 4 days with us, we learned how they were able to travel and live inexpensively by buying and selling motorhomes in some countries, and backpacking in others. After spending 4 days with them, I decided I wanted to live like that too! They also run a travel blog...you can check it out here...


By the end of July 2007, Ruth agreed  that we should sell the house and buy a motorhome! And so we spent the month of August doing some minor repairs to the house and started selling off our belongings. By the first weekend of September 2007, we listed the house...and two weeks later it was sold, with a closing date of October 5, 2007!

We sold our house and 90% of our belongings in a one month period! And during that time, we also shopped for, and bought, a 28 foot motorhome! What a busy month that was.


  1. Wow...that is amazing how quickly you became fulltimers. What a great story. Teresa and I have been planning for a couple of years now. I think I like your way better...lol. Thanks for the link to Glen and Steve's site, looks like a lot of great ideas and tips there as well. Was it hard to get rid of all your stuff ? Do you have some things in storage like photos, wedding dress, gifts, etc. What about all your Christmas things, Teresa won't budge on that stuff...ha ha. Thanks, Trent

  2. Hi Guys! We have about 10 rubbermaid bins stored at my sister's that contain our "worldly belongings". We kept one piece of furniture that belonged to my grandmother but we have now decided to sell it. We kept Ruth's wedding dress, but now that our daughter is married and didn't use it, we've decided to give it away to whoever will use it. Sold all the Christmas stuff, because we decided that Christmas is for kids. We used kijiji to get rid of the big stuff, and had a big-ass garage sale to get rid of everything else.


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