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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Laptop stuff

We don't do Christmas presents, but my mother gave us each some money to buy something for ourselves to put under the tree at Lindsey and Justin's.

So I bought myself an external DVD drive. Here's why...

We have a 17" HP laptop that has been great for use in the motorhome. We don't watch the TV very much, but we do watch a lot of movies, so the large screen laptop is great for that. But Ruth is spending more time on the internet, and so we bought a little 10" "netbook" to use for when we're both wanting to be online. Also, we want to do more backpacking type of trips and the little laptop will be great for that. And, it's got a 160gb hard drive so it'll hold tons of big 12.1 mp photos from our new camera. It's an Acer Aspire D250-1065, and we paid $249 CAN ($229 US)...it was a GREAT deal at Walmart!

Anyhow, these little netbook laptops are so small that they don't have room for a DVD/cd drive. So you can't watch a movie or load any software from a cd without having an external disc drive. We don't really have a need for one right now, but it will be handy to have one. So I bought it online for $52 plus tax, and they had free delivery right to our door.

And our 17" laptop has an intermittent problem with it's DVD drive, so it'll be handy to have the external drive as a backup for if or when the built in drive gives up.

Today, we're going to take a drive to see some bald eagles! I'll post some pictures later.

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