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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free wi-fi internet access

Good news for motorhome travellers!

There are 14,000 McDonalds restaurants in the U.S., and 11,000 of them offer wi-fi internet access.

Starting in mid-January, internet access will be FREE. Canada is following the American's lead, however the rollout to Canadian locations will be sporadic, apparently starting with Metro Vancouver.
But, you say, we don't go into restaurants. And certainly not a McDonalds restaurant.

That's true, so while we're travelling, we access the internet in the comfort of our own motorhome. All we have to do is park within 300 yards or so of any unsecured access point (now including 11,000 McDonalds locations!) and point our Hawking HWU8DD antenna towards the source...and bingo, we're online for free!

We've used free unsecured internet access from just about any library, many hotels and motels, other restaurants, and even private residences that are within range of our little "star trek" antenna.

But this news will make it even easier for motorhome travellers to access the internet. Thanks McDonalds!


  1. Wow...that is GREAT news. We can go a day or two without the internet, but we start to get a little antsy after that. It is just so handy to research a new area that we are travelling through. That, plus emails from home, online banking, etc. I feel sorry for the folks that payed $6K for satellite systems, just a few years ago, plus monthly fees.....ouch. Now I just have to talk Santa into my very own Hawking antenna !!

  2. I paid extra for the newer version and it didn't seem any better than the original version that you have but does fold away nicely.

    Agree it is money well spent

    Take care when ordering that you have the correct windows or mac model with the right connection - I stuffed up and had an aerial connection plug!


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