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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ferry service to Nova Scotia

I see that they have discontinued the ferry service from Maine to Nova Scotia.

Ferry service cancelled

This particular route ran from Portland or Bar Harbor Maine, to Yarmouth NS.

Bay Ferries operates several other routes, including one from St. John, New Brunswick to Digby, NS.

We took that ferry in November 2006.

But it was very expensive at the time, and since we are heading that way again in a few days I thought I would look into the cost again. Turns out that it would cost over $200 to take the ferry in both directions, versus about $50 extra in fuel to drive around the Bay of Fundy.

Ferry route

Driving route

Anyhow, I believe the ferry service has very stupid pricing policies. The boat goes on a schedule, whether there's anybody on it or not. Wouldn't it make sense to lower the prices enough to make sure the boat is full every trip? We would easily have considered taking the ferry if the pricing was even close to competitive. But it's not. And so they price themselves out of existence.

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