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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Almost bought another motorhome!

Yesterday we drove down to Manchester airport and picked up our housesitting host. Again, ridiculously expensive parking charges, just like the other day when we dropped her off at Liverpool airport where they had a £5 ($6.35 USD, $8.70 CAD) fee just to drop someone off close to the terminal. 

We were picking up this time, not dropping off. But at Manchester airport, there is no free pickup outside the terminal. So I figured out a place where we could wait for free five minutes away, and when she made her way through immigration to the baggage she sent a message. Then we could drive to the short term parking area where it cost £6 ($7.60 USD, $10.50 CAD) per half hour.

And of course if you are a minute past that half hour, it costs another £6! Our host had agreed to pay the charges though, and she didn't want to do the walk to a cheaper location, so that's fine. But I still can't believe the airports here have such expensive charges just for pickup and dropoff.

We drove back to Preston, dropped her off, and then directly to Wyke where we are staying for two nights with friends Glen and Steve. 

Glen and Steve are the couple who got us into this abnormal lifestyle back in 2007. You can read the whole story here...

We have met up several times over the years, but always keep in touch. The last time we got together was in September 2022, right here in Wyke.

Good to get caught up with them, but only a short visit as they are off to Europe Friday morning for a river cruise.

Oh, we almost had some exciting news for you. We tried to buy another motorhome. 

We're not actively looking for something, however I have been keeping my eyes open. I saw a facebook listing advertising a unit located in Mexico City. At first, I thought of our friends Chris and Juan because I knew they were looking for a similar unit, and they are actually in Mexico.

It was a 1996 Airstream 190, similar to this one.

But then I thought it was something that would do great for Mexico and Central America, if not South America as well. So I put in an offer to buy at asking price. But the response back was not immediate and when the seller did respond she said that someone else had already looked at it and was supposed to be giving a deposit this Friday. She said she would get back to me if that deal fell apart. I've resigned myself to the fact that it's not going to be ours, so I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Oh well... something else will come along.

Record low deal on this ECOFLOW Power Station.

And in Canada...

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