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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Steaks on the grill

So, we've decided to keep the rental car as we had it arranged with pickup in Birmingham on Monday. We probably would have saved a few dollars by taking our house sitting host up on her offer of letting us use her car for next week, however the logistics became difficult. 

Anyway, we decided that the extra cost was worth the extra convenience. 

Tony and I went out and did some grocery shopping the other day, and we came back with four good looking rib-eye steaks. We bought them at Lidl, which is not typically a store you'd expect to find quality beef, but we figured at the £5.15 ($6.55 USD, $8.90 CAD) price per steak that it was a good enough deal to risk.

Steaks on the grill.

Yes, I've been trying to avoid red meat as per doctors orders, but you have to live a little as well. I think I haven't had a steak since we were here last August! 

The girls cooked up some roast potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and peas.

That was a great meal!

And the steak was tender and delicious. So, either we got lucky, or the meat at Lidl is actually really good. Wouldn't hesitate to buy it again, especially at those prices.

Wedding day today! We are up early and getting ready for a 9:30am departure. Headed to meet up with Helen and Tony's daughter Kelly and her family for breakfast, then get checked into our fancy "cottage" for the night. Looking forward to getting some photos for you.

Then the ceremony at 2:00pm, and dinner at 4:00pm followed by an evening of partying. Should be a fun day!


And in Canada...


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