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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

April Expenses

We've been busy since the end of April, and just haven't had time to post our monthly expense report!

We started the month of April by arriving in Kuwait City on April 1st and had two flights throughout the month as we made our way to Istanbul and Antalya, Turkiye. 

Our budget called for $3,115 CAD ($2,300 USD) for the month, but we knew we had some medical things to get looked at, and ended up spending $3,512 CAD ($2,566 USD) in total.

Here's how it all broke down... (the following figures are in $CAD)

Groceries: Considering we were in Turkiye for most of the month, our grocery bill was higher than we thought it would have been, at $398 total. But while fruits and veggies are still cheap, other items have definitely increased in price.

Meals Out: It was great to finally get some home cooked meals during the month, and we only spent $155 on restaurant food.

Alcohol: Booze is quite expensive in Turkiye, so we limited ourselves... but still spent $152 which was about right on budget.

Miscellaneous: This was an expensive category for us because we had some medical expenses ($406) and we paid for Lindsey and Sadie's flights from Halifax to London ($886). The balance of the $1,367 total was mostly transportation, including the day we got scammed.

Entertainment: $25 or so for a couple of times we had drinks out.

Overnight: Even though we had ten nights for free looking after Gus the dog at our friend Cheryl's apartment in Istanbul, we still managed to spend $1,025 on accommodation for the month. Once again, prices are much higher than they were a couple of years ago!

Travel: We spent $389 on the two flights we took... $119 each from Kuwait to Istanbul, and $75 each from Istanbul to Antalya.

So, a total of $3,512 CAD ($2,566 USD), which was about what we expected.

This month (May), is kind of up in the air, because we haven't made any firm plans yet regarding what we're doing later in the month. We want to make our way to the north... maybe the Lake District. But, we've set up a budget of $2,750 CAD ($2,010 USD), which is about $1,500 less than it would have been had we not been getting that big refund from easyJet.


And in Canada...

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