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Monday, May 27, 2024

I came across an eSIM data plan that never expires!

When we were in Turkiye for most of the month of April, I had bought an eSIM for the phone. This was my first experience using an eSIM.

Usually we stop in and pick up a local SIM card for whatever country we happen to be traveling to. It's not as convenient as an eSIM, but its often quite a bit cheaper.

And since you can usually pick up a reasonably priced local SIM card at the airport, it's not that much of an inconvenience, although you have to be careful not to overpay... there are some airport shops (Bangkok Airport, for example) that charge more at the airport for a SIM card than they do at the normal corporate stores located in the city itself.

Anyhow, local SIM cards had really gone up in price in Turkiye. And I knew that since we were staying with a friend and in Airbnbs we would have access to WiFi most of the time so we wouldn't need very much mobile data on the phone. I came across the BNE eSIM app where I used a referral code to get a €7 discount and I bought a 5GB data package. 

I didn't realize it at the time, but this data package NEVER expires.

Notice in the above screenshot where it says "No Expiration", and that I had only used 981MB of my 5GB allowance. This means that the next time we go to Turkiye, I will have access to the internet as soon as we land... without having to pay anything.

And, in order to benefit both of us, I am sharing our own referral code. Use this code at checkout for your first BNE eSIM, and get a whopping €7 discount. I will also get the same discount. For a lot of packages that is more than half off. Many smaller packages can be had for free at that price!

Download the BNE eSIM app, apply the code: WS774M6V at checkout, and enjoy a €7 discount on any BNE eSIM product! 

Now, having said all of that, there is a LOT of competition happening in the eSIM space, with new providers seeming to come out every week. If you are looking for a particular data package at the absolutely best price, you will need to do a lot of research. However using the €7 discount at BNE eSIM will go a long way to getting you the best deal, if not close to it, without having to do the research.

By the way, BNE stands for "Best Network Ever". 

While we're on the subject of saving money... we've been enjoying our time here in Preston looking after Stripey the cat. All of this came together because we are members of Trusted Housesitters and if you click through that link to sign up, you will get 25% off your first year, and we will get our account extended by two months. We both win!

The rain has stopped again, and we are off for another hike!


And in Canada...

The basic LevelMatePRO is on sale.

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