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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Nice day trip down to Wareham, Dorset

We packed a lunch and set off for an hour drive towards the riverside town of Wareham, Dorset. But along the way we stopped in at the village of Moreton. Helen and Tony knew of an interesting little church in the village.

Moreton is also the resting place of  Lawrence of Arabia!

Ruth and Benji.

There is also a commercial business in the village called the Walled Garden. We only went in to use the facilities, but they had a little zoo for the kids as well...

Benji was pretty interested in this ferret.

The ferret didn't seem bothered by Benji at all. In fact they even sniffed noses.

Pretty rabbit.

We passed by a small cemetery that was actually away from the church property. This is where we found the grave of the famous writer and adventurer T.E. Lawrence... also known as Lawrence of Arabia.

The grave of Lawrence of Arabia.

Moreton Church dates back to the 13th century however the entire church was rebuilt in 1776. Then in 1940, it has hit by a wayward German bomb that destroyed one wall and all of the stained glass windows. It was rebuilt in 1950, but with solid green glass that the parishioners didn't like. Between 1955 and 1995, the solid green glass was replaced with clear etched glass done by famous British glass artist Sir Laurence Whistler.

Moreton Church.

Clear windows make for a much brighter interior!

The etchings are beautiful.

Definitely different.

Across from the church is this private manor house.

We wandered around for a bit and then drove over to a roadside park to find a picnic table and have some lunch...

Ruth, Helen, Tony, and  Benji.

Then we drove to the town of Wareham and went for a walk along the river.

It's a pretty spot along the River Frome!

Benji, running at full speed!

The River Frome empties into the bay at Poole.

A black-headed gull.

Duck. A split second later, Benji scared it away.

Parts of the church in Wareham date back to the 700's.

The pipe organ is definitely different.

Stained glass.

Whatever this says, was written 1,300 years ago.

We had a good day!


And in Canada...


  1. Thank you. Really liked the church window etchings....we need more LIGHT!!🙌🕯️✨🌿

    1. We are glad that you enjoyed the post and the pictures. The window etchings really were very pretty and very unique.


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