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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

It was a good week house sitting

Despite the regularly overcast skies, we had a good eight days here in Preston. It seemed to pass by really quickly, even though two of those days had wet enough weather that we never left the house!

We need to try to do more house sitting. I actually applied for one next week, but when the host doesn't respond after 24 hours, I withdraw my application, explaining why. 

I believe that quick communication is important, and if you can't respond in a timely manner, even just to acknowledge that you've received our application and are weighing your options then I'm not interested in being left hanging. Especially when the house sit is less than a week away!

And there's no excuse... everybody registered on Trusted Housesitters obviously has access to the internet and it only takes a minute to respond.

Stripey the cat likes his spot on the ledge in front of the bedroom window.

I was perusing the Trusted Housesitters website this morning, just looking at what other opportunities are out there. There is an interesting summer listing in Botswana, Africa. We're pretty open for somewhere to go during mid July to early September, but the drawback is of course the cost of getting there! There's another interesting listing in southern Spain, but it would be too hot for us at that time of year.

Cats are certainly the easiest responsibility, but we also like dogs. We've decided on limits though... we prefer only one dog of any size, but no more than two small ones. And no more old dogs that are on their last legs, so to speak.

Regarding summer, we haven't decided, but are leaning towards exploring Serbia and or Georgia (the country, not the state!). The weather looks the best in Serbia, where even the capital Belgrade shows typical August highs between 27c to 30c (81f to 86f) which is totally doable. Although both Serbia and Georgia both have mountainous regions where the temperatures are cooler at altitude. However there is not much in the way of house sitting available in those countries.

Today, we are headed down to Manchester airport to pick up our host Jane. Then drop her off back here and carry on directly to the town of Wyke, just south of Bradford to visit with friends Glen and Steve where they are staying at their daughters place. Looking forward to seeing them again!

Great deal on this Swagman Hitch Mount Bike Rack .

And in Canada...

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