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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Welcome to Netherlands!

Once again, Netherlands is not a new country for us. However for grandson Cameron, Netherlands is country number 8!

And while Ruth and I spent six weeks here in June/July of 2021, we never made it to the big city of Rotterdam. So that's where we headed yesterday morning.

We said goodbye to friends Bjorn and Freya. Thanks again for having us! 

Kevin, Bjorn, Freya, Ruth, and Cameron.

We wonder where in the world we will meet them again!

This time, there was a sign at the border.


It is a busy highway between Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Barges and windmills.

Crossing a bridge.

We had no problem finding the big busy Rotterdam city owned campground. Pricey by our standards at €36.25 ($51.75 CAD, $38.25 USD) a night. Considering it's just parking in a big field with no services, although there is a nice washroom building, and a place to empty and fill.

But the attraction of course is the location which is why we decided to splurge.

We got ourselves settled and then headed out walking.

Another big barge.

Scenery along the way.

An original style Dutch windmill.
It was actually turning as well.

It was a gorgeous day with a high of 25C (77F).

They recently cleaned the canal and had this display of some of the goods they found.


There were quite a few of these herons around.

The Euromast tower.

Rotterdam has some nice park space.

And some interesting architecture.


Like I said, some interesting architecture!


Lots of bicycles!

We ended up doing 10.8 kms (6.7 miles).

You really have to be careful walking because most people are cycling and they have special lanes for cyclists. So you need to really watch out for the bikes... as well as the cars and trams!

Made it back to Max just before 5:00pm. We had invited our friend Thomas over for dinner. Thomas was on our Mauritania iron ore train trip last January. He works just north of Rotterdam so it was convenient for him to come over directly after work.

Kevin, Thomas, Ruth, and Cameron.

We should be seeing Thomas again in October! He is also signed up for the same upcoming Turkmenistan trip, so provided all of our visas are approved, we'll see him there!

Today, we are headed just a few kms north to the small city of Delft. Freya had suggested we visit there, and Thomas said the same thing. An added bonus is that Thursday is market day in Delft. Then this afternoon we'll do a couple of hours driving and probably make it into Germany.

Big price drop on this Frigidaire Ice Maker.

And in Canada...

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