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Friday, August 25, 2023

Welcome to Germany!

Of course Germany is not a new country for us, but it is country number 9 for grandson Cameron.

Cameron is now tied with his 37 year old mother for number of countries visited. And he's well ahead of his father. And they have a family trip planned to Dominican Republic this coming winter, so he will then surpass his mother because she has already been there.

We left the Rotterdam municipal campground at just after 10:00am yesterday morning and headed only a few kms north to the town of Delft. 

Max at the Rotterdam campground.

We found a decent free parking space, and walked into the center of Delft.

We are headed towards that tall church tower in the distance.

Like many Dutch towns, Delft is full of canals.

This canal is covered in green algae.

The central square hosts market day on Thursdays.

That is a tall church tower!

Dutch cheese.

Scenery along the way.

One of the oldest houses in Delft. 

A little better view of the coats of arms that have decorated the entrance door since the 1600's..

This church tower is visibly leaning. 
Kind of hard to tell that perspective in the photos.

Kind of shows it a bit better. 
It's actually leaning quite a lot with the top being off center by two meters compared to the bottom.

The old town hall.

Birds nesting in the canal.

We did some grocery shopping on our way back to Max, and Cameron was quick to notice the same Dutch cookies that our friend Thomas had brought as a treat the day before. They were really yummy, so Cameron bought a package to take home.

Cameron, ready to eat them!

We still had to do about a two hour drive yesterday afternoon. Fairly heavy traffic the whole way, but it moved steadily. 

New and old windmills.

Going across a fancy bridge.

Made it to Germany!

Found a good free overnight spot at a lake just across the border. Cameron wanted to go for a swim, but unfortunately the beach access was all private. Quite the water and adventure park they have here.

The beach club.

They have a wakeboard and waterski club that uses a cable tow system instead of a boat!

Some heavy showers going through this morning as I type. We've got about another two hours driving to do today to make it to Eltz Castle. I've wanted to go to this castle myself since I started researching our first visit to Germany when we picked up Max back in June 2021 and we just hadn't made it yet. It's pretty close to our route to get to Frankfurt airport to drop off Cameron tomorrow, so it's a great opportunity to go see it. Cameron should love it too!

Our approximate route since we arrived in Calais, France, and including today and tomorrow's driving.


And in Canada...

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