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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Shkodra, Albania.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Fresh strawberries. From a vending machine!

Just a relaxing day yesterday, which I think we were all in need of. Both Bjorn and Freya had to go to work, so we were on our own at the house. We got some laundry done and Cameron was quite happy playing some games on his tablet most of the morning. 

We did make it out for a walk in the afternoon, just in this area by one of the canals.

A pleasant enough day, with the high around 25C (77F), but not much in the way of sunshine.

We stopped in at the local Lidl to do some grocery shopping, and on the way back to the house we saw these vending machines...

A box of fresh strawberries from a vending machine!

And a loaf of bread from a vending machine!

I picked up some Belgian beer. This one is a mild one... only 8% alcohol!
Some Belgian beers are as high as 12%.

Ruth made a big lasagna for everyone for dinner.

Freya, Bjorn, Kevin, and Cameron.

In the evening we played a few games of the board game Blokus. Lots of fun, with quite a lot of strategy involved. Then, they brought out the 3D animal puzzles. Cameron is really good at these, and likes to show off how much faster he is than the adults!

All of this will become an elephant.

Each of these is a 3D puzzle. 
I did the cow, but I got stumped on the bear and Cameron had to help me!

Today we drive to Rotterdam, Netherlands. There's not a lot of decent motorhome parking options there so we think we're actually going to splurge and stay at the city campground. It's not cheap, but it's convenient for visiting the city and it's a secure space to leave Max while we're out.

Great deal on this 9' x 12' RV Patio Mat.

And in Canada...


  1. Hello to the Reid’s

    Looking back at a past post, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a Belgian waffle!

    But I must say the waffles in Quebec are as good and the toppings mouthwatering at a fraction of the price!

    If you ever get to Quebec City there are many outlets!

    They are in everyones price range!

    1. That is good to know! We have been to Quebec City before but at that time never noticed waffles for sale but maybe that was before they became a "thing" there. We will keep that in mind if we make a return visit, although I would need to find one that makes gluten free ones or I will be out of luck on that!

  2. I am a bit behind in reading your posts. Catching up this morning. I don’t often comment, but want you both to know how much I enjoy your blog. I am wondering if you might possibly know where I might get the 3 D animal puzzles that your friends had? Ann

    1. Hi Ann, thank you for taking the time to comment. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying our posts and pictures.

      I am not sure where you are based but these are pretty much the same style of animal puzzles that we were playing with at Bjorn and Freya's place. They have several different options to chose from. these ones are on the US Amazon site.


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