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Friday, August 4, 2023

More of England's Southwest Coastal Path

I was thinking last night that it was almost a year ago that we last flew back to Canada. This year, we arrive in Ottawa  at the end of this month on August 31st. This will be the longest that we have been away since we began this lifestyle in the fall of 2007.

Yesterday, we drove right away and arrived early into the village of Lynmouth and found a parking spot. It was free until 10:00am, but paid by the hour after that. I paid for three hours for a total of £3.90 ($6.60 CAD, $4.95 USD) and we had some breakfast and set off exploring.

Lynton is a really pretty little village set right on the Devon coastal path. 


Lynmouth Harbour.

Typical old English architecture.

Lynmouth is situated at sea level, but right up the side of the hill is another village, Lynton. You can access one or the other by a funicular railway, or you can climb the steep hill via pathways. You can easily guess which option we chose! 

You quickly get a nice view of the village.

The tide is going out.

The path crosses over the funicular rail cars.
This one is going down.

And there it is heading down to sea level.

We chose a circular route that would bring us along the coast and then back through the town of Lynton, with some viewpoints along the way.

There is a busy section of the coastal path here, and it has been paved.

Me, and the view approaching Valley of Rocks.

If you click the photo to make it full screen, then click again to zoom in, see if you can find the goat.

Can you see the goat?

There are quite a few goats.
They love the scraggy rocks.

We love coastal walks like this!

Hello Billy!

We climbed up to the highest point.

Looking west.

We aren't the only explorers.

There were actually quite a few other people out and about. Despite the prevailing clouds, it never did rain while we were out.

Ruth, enjoying the view.

Valley of Rocks.


A couple enjoying a bench along the way.

We circled back inland to the village of Lynton...

Lynton Town Hall.

Lynton Town Hall.

Fancy old homes.
Most appear to have been turned into tourist accommodation.

The Valley of Rocks Hotel.

Waterfall in town.

I didn't keep track of how far we walked, but we were gone almost three hours. We got back to Max just as his parking was about to expire. We drove a few miles west to a place where I had read that a local farmer offers parking at £3 per day with an honesty box and a beautiful view and you are also allowed to stay overnight. Great deal. We were joined by two other vans overnight.

Lots of walking to do from here, so we think we'll stay a second night! I'll get a photo for you today.

Record low deal on Kids iClever Headphones.

And in Canada...

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