Canal in Bangkok, Thailand.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Bangkok, Thailand.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Not sure!

Sunday, August 6, 2023

I took a video for you, but it's a little rough...

Yesterday morning was downright miserable. There was a wind warning in effect, with a steady "breeze" of 30 mph (50 km/h) and gusting higher than that. Add in some drizzle and a temperature of about 13C (55F) and it was pretty easy to just stay inside all morning.

But after lunch, things cleared up a little. The wind didn't die down, but at least the precipitation stopped.

We got up enough ambition to go get some more exercise and we did another 5 mile (8 km) of the coastal walk to Heddon's Mouth where the River Heddon empties into the sea.

Ruth, enjoying the view.

Beautiful coastline.

You can see how windy it is!

Ruth, coming down the hill.

We made our way down to sea level.

There were a few other brave people out.

Where the River Heddon comes down into the sea.
Lots of water due to all the rain recently!

The sea is rough.

A lot of big splashes!

I took a video for you, but it's a little rough because I could hardly hold it steady with the wind. No point in turning up your volume... all you can hear is the wind noise...

Ruth on the old bridge over the River Heddon.

Devon countryside.

Small 11th century church in the village of Martinhoe.

Moving on this morning heading southwest towards Bude and then Tintagel Castle.


And in Canada...

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