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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading to Nova Scotia around August 1st.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Our last evening with Max

We were up at 6:00am yesterday morning to make our way to the nearby laundromat that opened at that hour. A nice laundromat, with decent enough prices, however they didn't take credit cards. The last few laundries we've used in Germany were all fully automated with credit card paying.

We were lucky we had enough cash! We've purposely been using up our euros knowing that we're going back to Canada for six weeks.

Anyhow, €12 ($17.50 CAD, $13 USD) later, we had our laundry done, including all the bedding. That's quite a bit cheaper than Ireland. Many things were reasonably priced in Ireland, but laundry wasn't one of them!

Then we made our way to our motorhome dealer in Dulmen. 

Right around the corner from the dealer is an unmanned self serve fuel station that does LPG as well. We've always filled our propane there because of both cost and convenience, but this time we pulled in to find they are doing renovations and were actually in the process of removing the LPG pump. So, not sure what's happening there but we certainly couldn't buy LPG.

One of Max's propane tanks was totally empty, and the other one might have had a two day supply in it. We didn't want to leave Max that way for the new owners, so did a drive out to another place about 4 kms away and filled up the one tank for them.

We arrived at the dealer... and are they ever busy! We know this is busy season for them, but this is the first time we've been here where we actually had a hard time finding somewhere to park Max. September will still be fairly busy for them, but things will slow down by the beginning of October.

Then, we started sorting through all of our stuff. We hardly own anything compared to most people in the first place, but even when you live in a motorhome you accumulate "stuff".

We dug our carry on bags out of the back storage area.

We are leaving almost everything behind for the new owners. That was the idea... so that whoever bought Max would have everything they need in order to just turn the key and go. Sure, they'll have to sort through some things themselves and decide what they want to keep or get rid of, or whatever they want to do to have Max set up the way they want.

Ruth, making our final dinner in Max.


A nice sunset for our final night with Max.

Ruth had everything organized so that we could sleep in Max, and still change to fresh clean bedding for the new owners. 

Not much left to do this morning. Just have to drive over and empty the holding tanks, then finish packing and do one final clean. 

Then we say goodbye to Max and hop on the train to Dusseldorf.

Record low deal on the Macbook Air M1 13" Laptop.

And in Canada...


  1. It's a time of change. Just like when you left behind Sherman. So excited looking forward to all of your future plans!

    1. Yes, it certainly is! We think it is good to change things up, life never gets boring that way. We aren't finished with Europe yet, there is still so much more to see but we think it can wait for a bit while we go off searching for adventures in other locations. We are looking forward to our fall and winter plans. :-)

    2. Looking forward to seeing Max. So appreciate you taking good care of him. Can hardly wait.

    3. I hope that you will enjoy him as much as we have!

  2. I know you will miss Max, but it sounds like you found great buyers, and now it's off to the next adventures! Safe travels to you both.

    1. Yes, we will miss Max for sure but we have lots of good memories and pictures of him, he won't be forgotten and yes, we think he will have great new owners who will take him on a whole new set of adventures.

      As for ourselves we are just looking forward to getting back to Canada and spending time with family and friends before heading out to explore more new places. :-)

  3. What a great adventure with more to come!

    1. Most definitely, we had a fanatic time with Max over the past two and a bit years.

      Looking forward to what lies ahead of us, it will be an interesting fall and winter.

  4. Good bye Max. And on to the next adventure. Have fun guys.

    1. Thanks Barry and Jeannie! Max will be missed but we know that we have some fun adventures coming up this fall and winter. Life is never boring. :-)


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