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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

So many sea caves to explore!

Once again we were on the road before 7:00am making our way through the narrow country roads to the coastal village of Tintagel. We arrived at a large, totally empty parking lot with a "pay by app" sign listing prices. I had already done the research in advance and so I knew that motorhomes are allowed to stay overnight and that the cost was £8 ($13.75 CAD, $10.25 USD). 

There are several other places in the village where motorhomes can park overnight, but they all work out to approximately the same cost. This one is furthest away from the attractions, and while it was busy during the day, it was empty and very quiet overnight.

We had a10:00am reservation for Tintagel Castle. It's a really popular castle ruins, made even more popular by the myth that legendary King Arthur was born here.

It's also a really scenic location, and they have a new (2019) bridge that crosses over the head to Tintagel Island.

The castle only opens at 10:00am, but there were already quite a few people in line.

Tintagel Island.

It's not even really an island, because it is attached by a little bit of land. In the photo above, you can see the new bridge that they built in 2019. Prior to that, you had to walk up and down 100 or so rocky narrow steps to access the castle.

The new (2019) pedestrian bridge.

But where is the castle?

Well it turns out that very little remains of the castle. 

This is about all that remains of the castle.

There are a few other ruins walls and areas where you can see the outline of mediaeval structures, but other than that all you are getting is the views of the coastline and a few walking trails. You will spend maximum one hour there.

Now, this is all fine if you have the English Heritage card that allows you free entry into sites like this.

But if you are paying cash, it is a ridiculous £23 ($39.50 CAD, $29.25 USD) per adult. Or £52 ($89 CAD, $66 USD) for a family of 4.

You can save a couple of dollars if you book and pay online in advance.

What a total tourist rip off. And hundreds of people are willing to pay it, so I certainly don't blame English Heritage for charging what they do. But the people who pay it obviously have no concept of value for money.

Consider that the free walking trail the follows the coastline in this area has just as many scenic viewpoints. And consider that there are real, spectacular castles that you can visit for far less money.

We totally don't get it. 

Yes, the coastal views are spectacular.

Ruth and I walked down to the "Iron Gate".

Looking back at where we came from.

The "Iron Gate", so called because there used to actually be one here where at high tide ships used to bring goods to the castle.


Looking back at the Castle Hotel.

This is all that remains of the settlement.

Ah, the other worthwhile thing to see here is this statue of King Arthur.
Very cool.

Can you see me?

Lots of people coming across the bridge.

Zoomed in on a sea cave.

Another view of the bridge.

At low tide, you can walk out to that small island that the swimmers are standing on.

We walked back to Max and relaxed and had some lunch, then set off to walk some of the coastal trail. We did a circular route that brought us back around the island.

That is a big campground. Fairly busy of course at this time of year.
£41.50 ($71 CAD, $53 USD) per night. Yikes.

Fancy wall separating farmers fields.

Bossiney Haven Beach.

Zoomed in on Bossiney Haven Beach.

Scenery along the way.

Small waterfall.

A kestrel having a snack.

Ruth, doing some exploring.

We walked down to the waterfall.

Beautiful views.

Another Instagram moment!

Looking back at where we had been.

On the way back, we decided to take the path down to check out Bossiney Haven Beach, and are we ever glad that we did! So many sea caves to explore!

Heading down.

Funny shells in this rock.

Wow, very cool.

And, there were half a dozen sea caves to explore.

Some kind of mineral leaving these pink deposits?

The rock inside the cave was kind of a pinky purpley color.


Inside another cave.


Another view of the coast.

Back at the Castle Hotel.

The Castle Hotel was built in 1899.

Another view.


Back at Tintagel Castle, the tide is now all the way out.


Rock carving of Merlin, beside "Merlin's Cave".

Very cool rock carving, and it's not very big so you really have to look for it. Oddly, the face that you can make out on the top right above the carving is just the natural rock.

What a great day we had. Only a few drops of rain, and a fantastic coastal walk. And yes, Tintagel Castle is worth a visit... but only if you already have an English Heritage card. Otherwise, you are better off to see what you can see of the area for free, and save your money for a real castle.

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And in Canada...


  1. This was very interesting to see the area you are in. Great photos .

    1. We really enjoyed the coastline in this area, especially down on the beach with the sea caves. That was definitely an interesting area.

  2. Replies
    1. They certainly were, just the kind we like! :-)

  3. Looks like a beautiful spot with plenty to explore. I am with you on the cost of admission, though, if you didn't have a pass.

    1. It was a beautiful area for sure. the beach with the sea caves was great, too bad we didn't have Cameron with us now, he would have loved this.

      Agreed, we would definitely recommend at visit to the ruins of Tintagel Castle and island but only if you have the pass, otherwise it just isn't worth the money they are asking.

  4. Wow wow wow. Just gorgeous. Thank you !🙏❣️

    1. It really was a gorgeous spot. We definitely enjoyed our afternoon hike more so than the morning one and the afternoon one was totally free. :-)

  5. It was a beautiful bridge that your crossed to see the ruins. How much did it cost to build and now you are helping pay for the pleasure of walking over.

    1. While it is a beautiful bridge we thought that the other one was just fine as well.

      The bridge cost a little over £4 million and more than half was raised through donations. Thankfully we had our English Heritage Pass that allowed us free entry and we definitely recommend a visit if you have this pass but if not then we honestly think the price of £23 ($39.50 CAD, $29.25 USD) each is a steep price to pay.


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