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Monday, August 15, 2022

Fun times in Jasper with the guys

Just to give you some background, I worked at a summer family camp when I was 16 years old in 1978. There was a group of about ten of us guys who worked at that same camp who got along really well, and we were close friends back in the day. 

We have kept in touch over the years, and have attended each others weddings and kept in touch through family events and children and sometimes divorce. 

Ten years ago, one of us decided we should get together for a weekend away. And it's become a regular event. Most of us live in Ottawa area, but there is one in Toronto, and one in Calgary, and of course me, who could be anywhere in the world. 

So this is the tenth anniversary of our annual event, and we had done all the previous get togethers in Ontario. So this time, we decided we should head out to Calgary to visit our western friend.

It's an amazing thing that we've all been able to keep in touch and remain good friends over 44 years. And although we generally don't see each other much more than a couple of times a year, it's certainly only once a year that all of us are together. We truly treasure these times.

Patricia Lake.

There are lots of deer around.

Out for a hike.

Saturday, we went out for a morning hike and managed to do about 9 kms (5.5 miles). The weather was great. In the afternoon, it was nice to just sit around and relax!

Patricia Lake.

Scenery along the way.

Out for a hike.

Jeff and the view.

A Rocky Mountain Elk back at the resort.

A nice selection of wine.

We went out for dinner. Normally on our guys weekend away we are at a cottage where there are no restaurants close by, but we were only 5 kms away from the town of Jasper so we went out for dinner. Two of us avoided the alcohol for the afternoon and evening so that we had some designated drivers, and we enjoyed a nice meal out.

Sunday was another gorgeous day and we went out and did a 2.5 km (1 mile) walk around Annette Lake, then did the hike at Maligne Canyon.

Walk around Annette Lake.

Quicksand?? Really?
Notice our friend Dave who had to go check it out!
Yes, he made it back alive.

Blue sky and sunshine.

It's a beautiful part of Canada.

Athabasca River.

Maligne Canyon.


Top of the canyon.

Just having fun.

Jasper Park information center.

Time for a campfire.

Sitting around the fire.

Good times. Monday morning we drive back to Calgary. I'll make an effort to take more photos along the way. Such a beautiful part of the world.

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And in Canada...


  1. Looks absolutely fabulous and brings back fond memories, but makes us want to return too.

    1. Yep, I can totally understand the desire to go back, anytime I see pictures of the area, I feel the same way. Definitely a gorgeous area!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful area with the lakes, rivers, mountains, forests! Seems almost unreal. Toto, we aren't in Kansas any more! ;-)

    1. It is a gorgeous area for sure but the only problem with that, is that it just gets so busy and if you don't get to the trailheads early then you won't get a parking spot. The boys tried to stop in at Lake Louise on their way back to Calgary but had to turn around because there was no parking left, again you have to arrive early there. Nope, it certainly isn't Kansas!

  3. Just fantastic.....what a wonderful life .

    1. Definitely a beautiful area and yes, it is certainly a wonderful life. :-)


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