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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Made it to Nova Scotia

Well so far, we've been impressed with the punctuality of our flights. We've been on five different airplanes in the last ten days, and other than our Amsterdam to Montreal flight which was delayed by about an hour, the rest have all been pretty much right on time.

Even our connection flights through Toronto's Pearson Airport went really well yesterday. 

Pearson has been rated the worst airport in the world lately, so we're a little surprised that everything went according to schedule.

Our 40 minute Ottawa to Toronto flight was fine. The plane was full. We arrived in Toronto and had a two hour connection time so we rushed over to the Premium lounge to have some breakfast.

Breakfast at the airport!

Ruth at the Premium lounge.

The flight from Toronto to Halifax departed and arrived right on time. We went down to the Hertz counter and they had a Toyota Corolla ready for us. We had about an hour drive to our daughter Lindsey's house near Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Except Lindsey isn't here! She is still working in Ottawa until next week. But her husband Justin has the new house organized, and grandkids Cameron and Sadie were here waiting for us.

Sadie and Ruth.

We took Cameron with us to do some grocery shopping...

Cameron likes to drive the cart.

We are moving our official residence address to Nova Scotia so we're off to get Nova Scotia drivers licenses this morning. 

Weather is cool and rainy, which is about what we seem to get every time we visit Nova Scotia!

Nice deal on new mattress... 10" Queen Mattress.

And in Canada...


  1. Yes we have been lucky with our flights also. How did you like the Dragon Pass?? Looks the breakfast was pretty decent. Love Nova Scotia our son was stationed there for 6 years in Halifax. Love Halifax waterfront so much fun.

    1. The new pass worked fine, but they started the date in mid July and our original anniversary for another 6 passes would have been in mid September so I feel like we got a bit gyped but I will call them and see what they say.

  2. Glad you made it there safely. I know your grands are happy to see you!

    1. We are happy that we made it here too! It was a nice surprise that our flights all pretty much went without a hitch, especially when you expect the worst, lol. That's why we like to keep our expectations low, that way we can't be disappointed. :-)

      It is great to see the grandchildren again and to be able to spend some quality time with them. We just need some better weather so that we can take them to the beach and a few other places that we have in mind.

  3. Welcome to the Maritimes. I'll send an email and hopefully we can connect.

    1. Thank you Judi, it is good to be back in Nova Scotia. It will be nice to meet up with you both again, let's hope we can make it work out. :-)

  4. Curious why the address shift to NS? We relocated to BC 2 years ago (intending to retire and hit the road. The world had other ideas...) But we're now looking at re-licensing back to ON. BC is horrendously expensive for insurance and licences and has this ridiculous requirement for a licence add-on if you're towing over a certain amount (which we are). If there are cheaper options I'm all ears...

    1. We only changed for convenience because our daughter moved here. We still hope to make a permanent change to a European country over the next year or so. Sorry I can't help with other provinces, I haven't done the research although we were happy with the way they did things in Saskatchewan.


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