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Thursday, August 11, 2022

An interesting stop in the town of Vulcan, Alberta

We had a great breakfast with Barry and Jeannie, then headed towards Calgary. There were three different routes we could have taken, and they were all about the same distance and time. However, one of the routes held a small attraction... at the town of Vulcan, Alberta.

Anybody who knows anything about the old Star Trek television series knows that one of the lead characters, Mr. Spock, was from the planet Vulcan. Well, the town of Vulcan, Alberta has capitalized on its name and made a small tourist attraction based on the tv series.

A little cooler yesterday, and not much sun. High of 25C (75F).

Kevin, Ruth, Jeannie, Barry, and Maggie the dog.

Not much to see along the way.

Heading towards Vulcan.

The U.S.S. Enterprise.

Vulcan (pop 1,900) is just a small farming town on the Prairies an hour south of Calgary. So we had pretty low expectations, and you kind of have to be a fan of Star Trek to appreciate it, however we were a bit surprised by how well it's done. The visitors center is entirely free and they have a ton of Star Trek memorabilia.

The visitors center is done up like a space station.

Entrance to the visitors center.

Leonard Nimoy visited Vulcan in 2010.

Original Star Trek wardrobe.

Captain Kirk.

So, that was kind of fun. Not something I'd go out of my way for, but if you're in the neighborhood and you're a bit of a Star Trek fan then it's a worthwhile stop. 

Then it was into the big city of Calgary and we made it to our friends Harold and Kim without a problem. One of my guy friends had already arrived, so we had a good visit with Dave. Three more of them fly in this morning, and another this afternoon, and one more arrives by motorcycle later this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Dave, Kim, Heather, Harold, Kevin.
Heather is Harold and Kim's youngest daughter.

Just hanging out here at the house today, and then I am off to Jasper tomorrow with my friends for three nights, and Ruth will stay here at the house with Kim and the daughters.


And in Canada...


  1. My dad lived a few miles from Riverside, Iowa, fictional birthplace of Capt. Kirk. They made some tourist hay out of that, too.

    1. You really can't blame the town for trying to capitalize one that, just like Vulcan did, plus it just adds a bit of fun to the area.

  2. I love the prairies...never get tired of it with wide open spaces.

    1. We like the prairies for a little bit but I don't think either of us would love living in this type of landscape full time, especially in the winter. We definitely prefer the mountains!


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