Scenery at the town of Uelzen, Germany .
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Hamburg, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? North to Denmark!

Friday, May 13, 2022

Yet another adventure!

When Ruth and I were married 38 years ago yesterday, I promised her that our life together would never be boring. So in keeping with that promise, we did an adventurous canyon hike on our anniversary!

Our friend Gabi had told us about Ramet Gorge (Cheile Râmețului), a fairly short but tough hike through a canyon where you are aided by chains and steel rods to get through some of the more difficult sections. Sounds like an adventure to us!

We got Max ready to go.

Max's spot in Gabi's garden.

Oliver and Ha.


Ha, Oliver, and Gabi.

Somebody yesterday asked how we met them. It was actually Gabi and Valentina that we met here in Romania in November of 2016. They hosted us through the couchsurfing website when we used to use that program. We stayed in touch through facebook, although Gabi and Valentina slit up, but are still good friends. Gabi then met Ha while on a trip to Vietnam.

We're glad we got together again. We had a great time... thanks Gabi and Ha! Looking forward to the next time we meet up. Maybe in Vietnam!

We didn't get on the road until after 10:30am. A bit of a late start, but we didn't have that far to drive, and of course it's light out until after 8:00pm now.

First thing we saw was a caravan of motorhomes.

We haven't seen many motorhomes over the past month or so. This group of five or six rigs all had licence plates from France.

Heading up into the mountains.

We drove by this monastery, but didn't stop in.

By the end, the road was really narrow. 
Good thing there were no other vehicles.

We found a spot to park Max, packed a light lunch, and headed out.

What a pretty chalet.

Like I said, Ramet Gorge is a bit of an adventure.

"For Experimented Tourists only!"
I think they mean experienced? Too funny.

All that's left of the last guy who did this hike!

It starts with a few steel rods to grab onto.

No problem so far.

Some interesting rock formations along the way.

Now it's starting to get more difficult.

Me, trying not to get my feet wet!

Made it!

Ruth, following behind me.

The first attraction you come to is "the portal".

Stream coming out of the ground.

On the other side of the gate.

Ruth, trying to decide if she's having fun or not.

Ruth gets a little nervous about these sorts of things, but only if there is height involved. We weren't sure what we were getting into, and there is an alternate route that goes above the canyon, but apparently it has some difficult sections as well. We decided to stick to the lower route, although we met a family later who had taken the upper route in, and they said the lower route was actually more difficult.

We decided we would just keep going, and if it became too difficult we would simply turn around.

Hmm. How do we get through there?

Ruth, going ahead of me.

Holding onto the chain.

Chains to hold onto and steel rods for your feet.

There are some sections where your feet will get wet.

One of the more difficult sections.

Once she realized she could do it, she decided it was fun!

Another difficult section.

We had to cross the river five or six times.
The water comes up to the bottom of your shorts at some of the crossings.

Yep, you can tell she's having fun now!

Wet feet.

At the end of the canyon is the remains of a remote 19th century village.

Old Romanian house from the late 1800's.

About four or five people live here in the summer.

More remains.

We sat and had some lunch and dried out our feet. Knowing of course that they will get soaking wet again on the way back!

Hiking route sign.

Crossing the river again.

Practicing for some Norway hikes that we have planned.

Water crossing selfie!

Ruth took a video of me doing one of the easier sections...

We had a blast! Hardly anybody around, and the only other people we saw using the trail was a family with two adults and a young teen. And the weather was perfect for getting a little bit wet.

It was after 4:00pm by the time we got back to Max, and we could have camped right there but we wanted to find a restaurant for anniversary dinner.

Scenery along the way.

Heading back to the main highway.

We found a restaurant that had a decent enough parking where we could stay the night, but unfortunately it wasn't a very good place. The food was only just okay.

Sausage with mustard and fries.

Pork steak with veggies.

Slept the night okay though, and back on the road first thing this morning! Gotta get some driving done to make it to the top of Denmark by June 1st!


And in Canada...


  1. I can only imagine the muscles you used on this hike, compared to a regular hike. I know y'all are regular hikers, but do you ever have to take a Tylenol/aspirin after a particular hike or strenuous activity? Silly question, but still wanted to ask.

    1. Yes, we certainly did use some muscles that we don't normally use on a regular hike and both our arms and upper body were a little sore and stiff the next day. It certainly makes us realize that we need to do more exercising on our arms, especially for one hike that we are planning on doing in a month's time. No, we never have to take Tylenol or aspirin after any particular hike or strenuous activity, even on this last hike we didn't need too.

  2. Happy belated 38th! My husband and I celebrated our 28th on January 1st. We are grateful that we finally got it right after two previous tries each--third time's the charm. Looking forward to your adventures in Scandinavia.

    1. Thank you very much for the anniversary wishes! Looks like we hit the right match on the first go around. We are happy to hear that you found your match too, even if it took a few tries first. ;-)

      We are also looking for to our adventures in Norway. We are going to see some gorgeous scenery there and do some beautiful hikes.

  3. Belated Anniversary Wishes. That was a heck of an adventure through that Canyon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the next adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you very much for the anniversary wishes! We had a wonderful day celebrating it.

      Yes, that was one heck of a hike but we were do to try something new and a little different for us, plus it will help prepare us for a certain hike that we will be doing in Norway.

  4. Oh, that hike looks like so much fun! As long as there is something to hold on to on the side, when needed, and the weather was warm enough to get wet, I would totally do that hike also. Good for you both!

    1. It was a fun hike but we certainly had to work at it. I agree, as long as there is something to hold on to, it makes the hike feel much safer, plus the fact that if you fall, you are just going to fall into the water. The weather was perfect for the hike and even the temperature of the water wasn't too bad, it was chilly but not freezing cold!

  5. A great memorable day, not sure about the memorable dinner..haha. Great times and there's more coming.

    1. Yes, definitely a memorable day but not a memorable dinner! We are both looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead of us. :-)


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