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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Heading for Hamburg

We crossed from Czechia into Germany yesterday. Welcome home Max! Germany is Max's home country because he has German licence plates. 

We're on a bit of a mission now, so we're doing a fair bit of driving. We want to spend a day or two in the city of Hamburg. Some of you will remember that we sometimes try to match up some of my father's photographs from his European travels in the 1950's, and he spent quite a lot of time in Hamburg, so we have several photos we would like to try to recreate.

And we wasted much of the morning. Well, not a waste really. But we had to stop at a T-Mobile Czechia store to add some more credit. Yes, we have the app downloaded, and everything is working correctly. But I went to top up the credit and it will only accept Czechia or Slovakia issued credit cards! This SIM card is supposed to continue working right through Norway, so I was hoping to be able to use it until the end of July. And then (for the first time) there was nobody in the store who spoke English, which was really surprising. So I had to use google translate to try and explain what I wanted to do. Long story short, I think we got it figured out, but the test will be when we go to activate a new package over the next day or two. It is actually working the way it's supposed to here in Germany, so we have our fingers crossed!

Then we had to do a decent grocery shop, and then fill the fuel tank. Fuel is cheaper in Czechia than it is in Germany, so we filled Max right up at 45.9 Ck ($2.55 CAD, €1.86) per liter. That's about $7.56 USD per gallon.

And then we headed for the border...

We drove through a lot of towns and villages.

This is how they grow hops.

When you produce a lot of beer, you have to grow a lot of hops!

More hops.

This guy just barely squeezed through. 
Max is 2.9 meters high, so he had no problem.

Love taking the back roads.

This was taken just before the border.

Ruth usually tries to get a photo of the "Welcome to _______" sign when we cross country borders, but this one came upon us suddenly because the border was right in the middle of a town and we didn't expect it! So we missed the photo op.

Scenery along the way.

I was reminded that I haven't been posting our route map... so here is our last few days of driving all in one map...

Today we are on the road early once again. 

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And in Canada...

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