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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Into the Carpathian mountains

We had a beautiful drive yesterday into the mountains. Our route took us through Defileul Jiului National Park and we stopped at the Lainici Monastery which is located inside the park. 

From there, we did a big grocery shop and had lunch in the town of Lupeni, and then drove to our friend Valentina's house where we are going to stay for a couple of days.

We are up in the mountains now, so the weather is a little cooler. Still, it's comfortable and good for hiking. We are at 823 meters (2,700') now and the high today should be about 14C (57F) with an overnight low around 5C (41F).

Heading into the mountains.

The drive through Defileul Jiului National Park is on a curvy road that follows the river. It's slow going, but the road is in good condition. It's a fairly busy road because a lot of people go to visit the Lainici Monastery which was built between 1812 to 1817 on the foundation of an older monastery from the 14th century. Entrance is free.

The buildings are beautiful.

It's unfortunate, but photos are not allowed inside. They are obviously very strict about it because I couldn't find any photos of the interior online either. It is very ornate.

Looking up in the entrance alcove.

Fancy wood doors.

Monks building some kind of outdoor chapel with pine boughs.

Everything is really well maintained.

Look up again.

Back on the road, we followed the river north.

There is an old train track running through the park as well.

We stopped at a Lidl and did a big grocery shop and had some lunch. Then carried on to our friend Valentina's house.

Valentina and Gaby lived together near Alba Iulia when they hosted us through couchsurfing back in November of 2016. We stayed with them for two or three nights and kept in touch via facebook over the years. We promised we would see them again, and here we are!

They are no longer a couple, however remain good friends. Valentina built herself a nice little house out here in the mountains, and Gaby still has the property near Alba Iulia. 

Valentina's new house.

A nice spot for Max!

View of the mountains.

This is the old cabin on her property.

Gaby came over to spend the evening with us.

Ruth, Kevin, Gaby, Valentina.

Valentina's mother made polenta and cheese for dinner, a traditional Romanian dish.

Valentina and her mom.

Our drive the last two days.

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And in Canada...


  1. Beautiful scenery. You are having a nice visit with Valentina.
    I tried reading your blog much earlier in the day but the Advertisements only left a half inch strip across the page and would not allow me to comment. I had better luck this time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time,

    1. It is very pretty scenery here and yes, we are having a wonderful visit with Valentina.

      I had the same experience as you with the advertisements and it was very frustrating. It must have been a glitch with the system because we didn't do anything to change the placement of the advertisements but mine seems to be better now as well.


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