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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Sometimes we meet a vehicle larger than us...

Other than driving, we didn't really do much yesterday. We're staying off the main highways, which makes for some interesting scenery and sometimes interesting driving conditions!

And it's pretty slow going, but we'd rather do this than be on the main highways. I actually timed some of our drive this morning and we drove for a full hour non stop and put on 62 kms (39 miles).

And, of course we're not in any rush. Provided we average 120 kms (75 miles) a day for the next ten days we will make it to our June 1st ferry departure at the north tip of Denmark.

Fields of canola.

Notice that we had another blue sky day.
It was actually quite warm, with a high around 28C (82F).

Scenery along the way.

There are a lot of small villages in Czechia, and not much distance between them. So when we're driving on the backroads, every six or eight kms there is another village to drive through. Some of them have narrow sections and only one vehicle per direction can pass through. Whoever gets there first has the right of way.

Sometimes we meet up with a vehicle larger than us and have to find somewhere to pull over. 
Occasionally I have to back up.

Here is a village section where we are following this car through.

As we exit, this bus is waiting to go in the opposite direction.

Typical backroad in Czechia.

Overall, the roads are in very good condition. Certainly far better than Bulgaria!

Castles come in all shapes and sizes.

We found a nice spot beside a small lake where a few fishermen had camps set up. They didn't seem bothered by us, and we certainly weren't bothered by them. We went for a walk into the nearby village because there was another castle located there.

But it is a major construction site as it is being renovated.

The back part has not been started yet.

But the front is looking better. Still, a big job.

This statue is outside the village church.
It is dated 1777.

Sundial on the wall.

Max, parked at GPS 49.51781, 15.193072

End of another day.

Late in the evening we had a bad thunderstorm go through. Max is fine, but there are a lot of broken tree branches on our drive this morning! Today is cooler and a bit windy. High of 20C (68F).


And in Canada...


  1. With the villages so close together, you mentioned some only 6-8 kms, it could be a good region for a walking holiday?

  2. Kevin, was your blog hacked? Your post are always top notch....however, your Las Vegas post was the exception. It sounded like someone who had never been to Las Vegas read about it on a bot generated blog, and then plagiarized it. "The management of Las Vegas is highly active all the time" might need a break from your break; I'm sure daily posting is not as easy and it seem it would be. Looking forward to your upcoming travels!

    1. No, our blog was not hacked. Occasionally we publish sponsored posts, which give us a little income to put towards our travels and it helps compensate for all the work we put into the blog. If you see a post where the commenting is turned off, then that is a quick indication that it isn't our post but a sponsored one. We don't do this often and that could be why you haven't noticed them before.

    2. That definitely makes sense because that was WAY below the Kevin and Ruth standard for a travels.


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