The picturesque port of Geiranger, Norway!
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Geiranger, Norway!

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Exploring southwestern Norway until July 26th.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Welcome to Denmark!

Denmark is not a new country for us.

In fact, Denmark was country #7 on our list of visited countries. We were in Copenhagen way back in 1999. We flew here from Canada for a long weekend!

In fact, you should read about that story. We won the trip in a contest! Ruth wrote about it in a 2010 blog post here.

But during that trip, we didn't see anything of Denmark except for the city of Copenhagen. So while we have definitely been to Denmark before, what we are seeing now is all new.

Crossing over the Kiel Canal in Germany.

Arriving at the Denmark border.

Despite being an EU country and a Schengen zone country, Denmark has reenacted temporary border controls "due to organized crime in Sweden". These temporary controls have been ongoing since 2016. But it seemed kind of useless to us.

Crossing the border to Denmark.

We waited in traffic for about a half an hour, slowly moving along. When we got to the booth, the guy barely glanced at us and just waived us through, as he appeared to be doing for almost everybody. They did pull over the occasional vehicle, but we have no idea what their criteria was. Perhaps just random.

Really nice backroads in Denmark.

Some kind of art?

The tide is out.

Scenery along the way.

We arrived at the town of Haderslev (pop 22,000) and found a nice free spot at the marina. Once again, we were surprised to be the only motorhome parked here especially since there is a pay motorhome parking area opposite us that is quite full looking. And we were the only one overnight, although another rig pulled in this morning.

The sun came out for a little while in the late afternoon, so we did get out for a short walk along the waterway.

That silo thing looks interesting.

Someone put a lot of work into this.

Very cool.

Nice skate park for the younger crowd.

Not sure.

Haderslev marina.

Max, parked at GPS 55.249012, 9.497905

We couldn't park facing the marina because we're actually on a slope and we were totally level parked this way.

Lots of daylight hours now as we are getting quite far north. Sunrise is now at 4:53am and sunset is 9:47pm. And of course it will be even longer when we get to Norway on Wednesday.

Ruth made delicious homemade pizza for dinner!

Here is our drive the last two days since we left Hamburg...

Only about 320 kms (198 miles) or so to go to get to our ferry departure on Wednesday, so we'll spread that out over Sunday, Monday, and arrive there a day ahead of time on Tuesday.

Today is still cool, but the wind has disappeared and the sun is shining. Looks like a nice day! We are going for a walk into town, and then drive a little further north.

Yet another price drop on this 3800 Watt RV Ready Inverter Generator with Electric Start. Now close to a record low deal.

And in Canada...


  1. Denmark looks so Neat and Appealing. Love the old Architecture.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. Denmark is very neat and tidy but we also find The Netherlands and Germany to be that way too. We also love the old architecture, it has so much more character that most new buildings.


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