Lough Leane as seen from Killarney National Park, Ireland.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Killarney National Park, Ireland.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Such a beautiful area

Valentina's place is located on the border of Retezat National Park and it's such a beautiful area. We could live here... except that they get winter! Lots of snow, and she said they were down to -25C (-13F) a couple of times this past winter. She goes to Egypt or Israel quite often to escape the cold!

Anyhow, yesterday morning she drove us in her car up into the park to have a look around.

But first, we had some breakfast...

A hearty Romanian breakfast!

Ruth outside Valentina's house.

We stopped at this small gorge.

Interesting plant.

Might have to hike up this road another day.

Another couple of weeks and the trees will be green.

Lots to do in this area.
This road is great for bike riding too, so we'll have to get the bikes off one day.

Lots of rock.

And a small cave.

Spring wildflowers.

The crocuses are even coming up through a few remaining patches of snow.

This is a popular tent camping area in the summer.

Such a beautiful area.

Back home for some lunch. Ruth had made a split pea soup with ham. Then after lunch I had some computer work to take care of, so Ruth went with Valentina and her mom Lili on a hike in the area.

It looks like it might rain.

Valentina, Lili, and Bobita the dog.

Valentina, Lily, and Bobita.

Yep, here comes the rain!

They took shelter at a nearby cabin, and there was a man there. Next thing you know, they're having a drink of something!

Some kind of welcome drink.

Valentina, Vasile, Lili.

Lili and Bobita.

Lili and Bobita.

The cabin where they waited out the rain.


Lili brings back firewood whenever she goes for a walk.

Mixed grill for dinner!


It was a good day. We are going out for another hike this morning. Calling for more rain after lunch.

Bedsure Dog Beds. All sizes on sale.

And in Canada...


  1. Looks like Ruth had an enjoyable day hiking.
    Dinner looked tasty as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy exploring.

    It's about time.

    1. I certainly did, I saw beautiful scenery and had wonderful company on the hike. All of our meals were delicious yesterday, if we keep eating this way we are going to get fat, good thing we like to hike a lot, lol!

  2. Wow what a beautiful area! Always good to visit friends and eat and drink together.

    1. It is definitely a beautiful area and we are really enjoying our time here. It has been wonderful to visit with Valentina again and to meet her mother. :-)

  3. The food has me drooling, and what a gorgeous area indeed. Looks like a place where one could get lots of excellent hikes in! The photo of Lili bringing back the firewood struck me, as I thought how unusual a sight it would be to see a woman of a certain age doing that kind of physical work (plus hiking) here in the lazy US. Yes, there are those of us who do, but we're in the minority, for sure.

    1. The food was delicious! Good thing we do a lot of hiking or else we would be packing on the weight staying here, lol! We have to agree with you that the majority of women her (our) age would not be hauling down wood with them while out hiking. She lives a very simple and rustic life in her little cabin but she is really happy there and loves her life like this. :-)

  4. Good eats and great scenery. The breakfast looks the best!

    1. Definitely! That breakfast was just as delicious as a good Mexican breakfast. :-)


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