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Monday, May 2, 2022

The interesting town of Targu Jiu, Romania

Sunday morning we drove to the town of Targu Jiu (pop 82,000). More of a city I guess, considering the population. But it has a large town feel to it.

Not much to see along the way. Southern Romania between Bucharest and the Serbia border is largely farmland. But Targu Jiu is located at the foot of the sub Carpathian mountain range so our scenery will be improving over the next few days as we are headed into the mountains next.

We continue to see the occasional Roma house...

Big Roma style house.

Ruth took a video for you... just going through a village along the way. Notice the horse and wagon, and the three legged dog!

There's oil in them thar hills!

We took the back roads through the forest.

We arrived in Targu Jiu and went directly to a parking lot recommended by fellow motorhome travelers on the park4night app. But unfortunately it was roped off and they were doing some work there. So plan B was a truck parking lot that is also used by locals to store travel trailers and motorhomes. Not ideal, but it would do for a night so that we could explore the city.

We had some lunch, and set off walking...

The first attraction we saw is the Infinity Column sculpture.

One of the three monuments dedicated by the great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi to Romanian people and their sacrifices.

Older style Romanian architecture.

Apparently they have totem poles here too!

Church in the central plaza.

Bank building.

Lots of interesting architecture.

Tower in the park.

The second monument is "The Kissing Gate".

You can't pass through The Kissing Gate without a kiss.

And the third monument is "The Silent Table".

There is a dammed lake at the top of town.

Can you see the five baby swans on the little island?

We waited, and eventually they went for a swim.

There is a bridge leading over to another section of park.

There are a lot of "modern art" types of statues in this park. Some are very odd, as modern art tends to be...

A bull on its head.
Okay then.

The fountains aren't turned on yet.

Looking over at the very modern and fairly new (Oct 2019) stadium.

The Town Hall.

A High School.

Vines covering the side of this building.

So, if you are ever in Romania, this is the beer to buy. I see all the old men sitting out drinking this beer from a plastic bottle, and I figured it has to be terrible. But you never know. So I buy a couple of half liter bottles, and it turns out it's really nice beer! For the equivalent of $0.59 CAD each...

Decent beer!

Today, we are headed up into the mountains!

Record low deal on the Kindle Paperwhite.

And in Canada, the same deal!

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  1. For a smallish town, really pretty buildings! What a surprise!

    1. More like a smallish city but yes, the building were really pretty. We could definitely have spent another day wandering around the area.

  2. 59c for a beer! Wowza. I love the baby swans and the bull headstand sculpture! Lovely architecture too. Looks like a great place to visit. I would love to ride my bike on that back road through the woods. Looks so smooth and deserted too.

    1. Lol, yep Kevin loved the price of the beer and the fact that it was a decent beer for the price. :-)

      I really wish that we had brought along the big camera so that we could have got a few close up pictures of the signets, they were so cute and fluffy at least I was carrying around our small set of binoculars so that we could get a better look at them. I am afraid that some of the modern art, such as the bull gets lost on us but it is still nice to see that the park was full of sculptures.

      The road wasn't as smooth as what was shown in that picture but it was absolutely a great road for riding a bike on and without a lot of traffic, a little rough in places for Max but nothing that he couldn't handle.

  3. Are you using Google Maps? Romania is looking pretty good to us. You should find a farm to visit and milk a cow.

    1. Yes, we use Google maps as our GPS but Kevin chooses the route and doesn't let it choose the route for us.

      We really like Romania, we said that the last time we were here and we still feel the same way. Right now we are in amongst a few houses in the mountains and near a small village, we feel like we are as close to a farm and the locals as we need to be and we don't feel a need to milk a cow, lol. :-)


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