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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

We're on holiday! Staying at our first official campground in Greece...

It was a bit chilly when we woke up Monday morning! The temperature outside was only 5C (43F) and it wasn't much more inside! We've been following the coast for the past couple of weeks and kind of forgot that it might be a few degrees cooler inland.

So we decided to get up and drive right away to warm things up. We were only going 45 kms (28 miles), yet the GPS suggested it might take an hour and ten minutes to get there!

Here is some scenery along the way...

Snow on the mountains in the distance.

Wind turbines.

This little village of Kremasti looked interesting.
In hindsight, we should have stopped in for a look around.

More wind turbines.

The town of Peleta.

We stopped at the town of Peleta because they had a strong cell signal and a good parking area. By that time Max's interior was nice and warm so we sat and did some computer work and had breakfast. By the time the interior cooled off we were ready to get going again.

Our curvy route down to the coast.

Our road down to the coast dropped 600 meters (2,000 feet) in 8 kms (5 miles). Steep and narrow, with lots of curves and switchbacks.

But it was in pretty good condition, and again there was hardly any traffic. In fact, the entire 45 km (28 mile) drive we had maybe seen five other vehicles in total! We love taking the backroads, and in Greece they seem to mostly be in pretty good condition, unlike Albania where you never knew what you might encounter.

Heading down to the coast.

Ruth didn't take any other photos of the road down because as you can see above, the weather wasn't the greatest.

The ancient harbor at Plaka.

We pulled into the Camping Semeli campground and stopped at reception. This is a fairly large, popular campground during the summer. There are maybe 60 sites, with about half of them made for tent campers, and the other half for motorhomes and "caravans" (travel trailers).

A guy about our age came out, with his mask on, and asked for our Covid certification. I produced our paper copies, and he asked about the European Covid pass on our phone, but I explained that we are from Canada and our vaccination was done in Netherlands, and we can't get the electronic pass. He was okay with that, and hardly glanced at the paper ones. This has been the standard reaction here in Greece which is kind of odd because they seem to actually be pretty fussy about these things.

I was already aware of the price that I had read about online, but Ruth asked just to confirm. And yes, it was €19 ($27.25 CAD, $21.50 USD) a night, electric included. This is the off season rate... it is €30 ($43 CAD, $34 USD) during busy season!

He explained that it's not busy and we could go in and choose our site and go back to tell him which site we chose.

Max, in site 26.
GPS 37.150013, 22.892473

This is the first official campground we have stayed at in Greece. The problem is that they are relatively expensive, and from reading the reviews the facilities are often neglected and run down. Not that appealing for us, so we have avoided them.

But this place gets great reviews... and our toilet tank was getting full and our batteries were getting low and there wasn't much sunshine in the forecast. Also, we're in an area that has lots of hiking and biking opportunities provided the weather cooperates.

So we decided to go on holiday for a couple of days!

After we got Max parked up, we went for a walk.

Off in the distance we can see these old buildings.

And a cave with a wall built in the lower right.

There is another cave structure up there.

Can you see it?

Here, I'll zoom in a little more.

The little valley here has lots of small farm plots where we see a whole bunch of different fruits and vegetables being grown. 

Big tomato plants.

Lots of other vegetables.

I like this little house!

In fact, we like the area. We'll stay for at least two nights, maybe even three.

Decent price drop on this Student Microscope Kit.

And in Canada...


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