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Saturday, January 15, 2022

A beautiful coastal drive to Nafplio, Greece

It's still a little cool out, but with the blue sky and sunshine, it really doesn't matter. We don't mind having to wear a sweater, and we're well equipped to deal with the cooler nights... it's the rain that really bothers us.

Hardly a cloud in the sky yesterday, so we had hot morning showers, emptied our holding tanks, filled our fresh water tank, paid for our four nights of holiday camping, and set off on a gorgeous coastline drive heading north to the small port city of Nafplio.

On the road at 10:30am.

Not a cloud in the sky!

Beautiful coastal drive.

A little harbor.

Little villages in the mountains.

Scenery along the way.

The town of Tyros.

At first we thought this ship was a wreck.
But I guess it's just low in the back end.

Another coastal town.

Fish farming.

Cactus farming.

Snow in the mountains.

Blue skies.

And blue waters.

We arrived in Nafplio and had no problem finding the free motorhome parking at the port itself. All kinds of "No Camping" signs about. However while you are not allowed to camp, you are allowed to park overnight and sleep in your rig while it's parked. In other words, no putting your chairs or your awning out... nothing that would give an indication you are doing anything except parking. Not even allowed to put your steps out!

And, there were all different kinds of motorhomes and vans parked up. At least 20 different camping vehicles. But, Nafplio is a touristy city with a nice old town area and a big fortress on top of a hill.

Unfortunately it also has that Greek graffiti problem that kind of takes away from things a bit, in my opinion.  The Mani peninsula that we just came from was really enjoyable in that regard, but it seems as soon as you get to anything larger than a small town, the graffiti problem reappears. And excessive graffiti says to me that the area has a crime problem that they obviously can't control.

For safety reasons, we parked amongst the other motorhomes, but had no ambition to spend the night with them. It would have been safe enough, but it was too noisy from the big trucks and the shipping port. Not a great overnight spot in our mind, but very convenient to leave Max by himself to go visit the city.

We left Max on his own and went for a walk.

We'll visit the castle today.

A few pricey leisure boats in port.

Another view of the fortress.

The Maltese Falcon.

We were lucky to see the Maltese Falcon in port. This one of a kind high tech sailing rig is completely electronically controlled, and even though it has a full time crew of 18 people (and 12 guests) it can be sailed by one person alone. The yacht's sophisticated computer detects parameters such as wind speed automatically and displays key data. An operator must always activate the controls, yet it is possible for a single person to operate the yacht. 

It is available for charter at a cost of around €460,000 per week. Just gather up 11 of your rich friends, and go have fun!

Another view of the Maltese Falcon.

Island castle.

Building covered in vines.

Another view of the island castle.

It's a nice area!

Wandering through old town.

There is nobody around late afternoon.

Empty central square.

We went back to Max, and moved him further south, off the paved parking area. A much nicer spot for the night, and eventually one other motorhome joined us.

View out our front windshield at dusk.

Today, we will go hike up to the castle this morning, and then drive further north to the ancient ruins at Corinth.

Yesterday's drive, 80 kms (50 miles).

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And in Canada...

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  1. Be thankful you aren't on home ground this weekend. -30 and a major snowstorm roaring toward E.Ontario.
    I had to go find a photo of the Falcon under sail. It's certainly unusual looking isn't it? I love the Tall Ships we visit when they come to Brockville.

    1. We are very thankful that weren't there at the moment. We have been watching the temperatures and cringing at it. We will take our mild 2C (35F) low that we had the night before and be happy that it wasn't colder. Our daughter took our two grandchildren skiing at Mt. Pakenham yesterday. They would do three or four runs then go in and warm up, then do a few more runs before going in to warm up again.

      Yes, the Maltese Falcon looks so much prettier with it sails up. It is a one of a kind yacht and the masts are all electronically controlled. We enjoy seeing the tall ships too and this is the most modern/futurist one that is out there.

    2. Just finished digging my car out - got almost 50cm (20") in Ottawa.

    3. Ugg, that doesn't sound like fun! You are lucky that this was our first real storm of the winter, usually there are more by this time.

  2. I'm waiting for a confirmation on our reservation for the yacht. Once confirmed, I'll send you your tickets :)

    1. Wow, that sounds great Chris, we can't wait to get the tickets and meet you on board for drinks and a week of parting! I hope we don't have to wait too long, lol. :-)


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