The Hotel Palota in Lillafüred, Hungary.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Zvolen, Slovakia.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Crossing into Czechia later this week!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Glad to have electric heat!

We're enjoying our mini holiday at the campground. Although, we didn't get outside much yesterday. The temperature peaked at about 10C (50F) and it was raining most of the time. Yuck.

Of course we're paying for the privilege, but it sure makes us glad to have our little electric heater. We see some of the vanlife people camped out at the free spot down the road and we don't know what kind of heating system they have, if any, but I can't imagine they are too comfortable when the weather turns bad like this.

If it was only for a night or two we would have joined them in the free area. But there is a cold snap coming through the whole region today and Thursday... highs of 4C (39F) and lows just below freezing. And windy.  Did I say yuck?

Of course perspective is everything... I notice that yesterday was the coldest day in the past four years in our hometown of Ottawa, Canada.... with a low of -26C (-15F). The city of Ottawa is definitely not suitable for human habitation at this time of year!

The rain let up late afternoon and we made it out for a walk before the sun went down.

Van life people parked in the free area.

A lone beach lounger waiting for better weather.

The ancient port of Plaka.

Things are pretty quiet.

Odd looking duck.

More ducks.

Plaka harbour.

There are so many oranges they go to waste.

There are also some orange trees here at the campground. Free for the picking.

Not so much rain in the forecast for today, but it's not very nice out. Still, we will bundle up and go for a long hike... gotta keep moving! Unfortunately, it's not bicycle weather.

So we're likely going to stay here a day longer than we originally thought. We have unlimited electric and internet, and nice clean showers with lots of hot water. Life is good.

We are still shooting for a border crossing into Turkey on the 20th, although we have a lot of flexibility on that if we need it. Technically, we don't need to be out of Greece until February 12th. But we want to spend the full three months allowed to us in Turkey, so that would bring us to May 12th and we would still have to do the drive back to Germany. We want to start back earlier than that, so we will enter Turkey well before February 12th.


And in Canada...


  1. In case you didn't know not all oranges are edible..

    1. Yes, we are very aware of that but these oranges are grown in big groves here, they are definitely used for either the fruit itself or juice.

  2. Minus 26 in Ottawa, warm compared to what Alberta had over holiday season, minus 40's with wind chill, or colder. We were there for family, yuck. Went back to BC and it was minus 28, another yuck. Its been brutal in the west. Finally warmed up and its raining. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Greece.

    1. Yep, British Columbia and Alberta really got their dose of winter early this year, we are so glad that we aren't there. We will take the weather we are getting here because we know it isn't nearly as bad and it won't last long either.

      We hope you see some nice sunny weather with milder temperatures real soon!

  3. Even here in NC, where it was in the 70s the week of Christmas, it is turning cold this weekend - four days of nothing above 30 and even 5" - 8" of snow with additional 3" - 5" possible. This happens every 20 - 30 years at best.

    1. That is definitely some cold weather for North Carolina but not unheard of. The nice thing about your snow and cold weather is that it doesn't normally hang around for too long. Hopefully the snow will melt fast and your normal mild temperatures will return soon.

  4. My trusty world atlas thinks that, at your current pace, you won't get to Turkiye in eight or nine days. It looks like a long trek up and around the Aegean Sea? The views should be excellent though. Greece, so far, hasn't disappointed in those.

    1. We won't be keeping this slow pace much longer. Once we are past Athens our pace will probably speed up a bit and we will most likely jump onto the motorway and put on some miles once we start getting into the cooler weather.

      We have definitely seen some beautiful scenery here in Greece, I guess there is a reason why so many people come here in the summer. We are looking forward to getting into Türkiye though and I think you are going to enjoy the scenery there as well. :-)


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