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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Ready for the Turkiye border!

Kind of a grey day on Friday, and they were calling for afternoon rain. Sure enough, we got dumped on for about two hours. It kind of made the clean up I did on Max a little bit of a waste of time! Oh well, I needed the exercise!

Got Max ready to go, and Glen and I went to pay our bill at the campground. Nice enough lady, and the property itself was okay, but it's not maintained at all during the off season, and we both thought it was a bit overpriced to begin with at €22 a night even though that was already the off season discounted price. 

But, it was our choice to stay, and we enjoyed our visit with Glen and Steve. When it came time to pay, we both had our credit cards ready, but she said the machine is offline during the off season, so we had to pay with cash. I asked her for a discount because I knew the cash was going straight in her pocket, but she wouldn't budge!

We said our goodbyes, knowing that we'll see each other down the road sometime.

They took off headed west, and we took off headed east.

Views on the toll road.

In hindsight, we probably should have stayed on the free road, but it was an extra half hour or so drive that way. The toll road ended up costing €6.50 ($9.25 CAD, $7.50 USD) for two tolls over about 140 kms (87 miles) so the price really wasn't that bad. Vehicles are charged by height rather than number of axles, and the limit for the cheaper price is 2.7 meters. Max is 2.85, so he should be charged at the higher rate, but we were charged one toll at the high rate and one at the low rate. They have this odd type of bar thing that they swing out to judge what height you are, but it's not always used.

Arrived in Alexandroupoli and found the easyWash laundromant. Katja and Yves were there doing their washing as well. It's not always easy to find laundry in Turkiye, so better to start off with everything clean.

We did a small grocery shop at the Lidl store, and stocked up on pork chops. It's difficult to find pork chops in Turkiye because it's a Muslim country. Then we headed over to the free beach parking. But it was really muddy because of the rain we had earlier, and in fact it was still spitting with rain. We ended up in the courtyard of a small hotel that offered electrical, but they wanted a ridiculous €20 just to park for the night with electric. I offered him €16, but he said no, so now he has zero euros instead of €16. How do people stay in business? Well, some of them don't. It was only for an overnight so we parked in the big lot behind the Lidl grocery store. It ended up being nice and quiet!

This morning (Saturday) we are up bright and early, and headed directly for the Turkiye border before breakfast. Border crossings are always interesting, especially when we know that Ruth's online e-Visa for Turkiye was declined. Let's hope they let us in! (Spoiler alert, we did make it across the border, but not without problems. Full story tomorrow!)

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And in Canada...


  1. The electric rates in Greece have skyrocketed since last fall. When we moved here our bills were less than 100 euros - our last was 600+ euros. The rate per 1,000 kilowatt hour has jumped from 50 in August to 430 and more rate increases are coming. I don't blame the guy for not discounting the rate - it is costly, no doubt about it. Hopefully you will find cheaper electricity in Turkey.

    1. We understand that electric is expensive in Greece but we just left a proper campground that included, water, dump, showers and electric for €22 and at this place all we were doing was parking and wanting electric, they had no other services to offer us as everything was closed up and back in December someone reported that they stayed there for €16 a night with electric and showers. We weren't having any of it! We would never have used €22 in electricity for the one night so instead of them making some money they made none and we saved ourselves money.


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