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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Beautiful drive south of Kalamata

We slept fine parked on the street in front of the cycling path. When we woke up, there were four other vans that had parked there, as well as three more on the other side of the small river separating the two beachfront areas.

Almost all other vans and motorhomes that we see are from Germany. We've seen a couple from France, and one from Slovenia and one from Austria. But nobody from the UK. We think that because of Brexit and the fact that the British now have to deal with Schengen visa rules, the British are staying closer to home, like Spain and Portugal.

Around 10:00am we hopped on the bikes to explore Kalamata (pop 70,000). It's actually quite a nice small city... probably the best we have seen in Greece so far.

Kalamata has a big port, but it doesn't seem very busy.

We were able to ride our bikes all the way out the long curved pier.

Big oil tanker.

There were three boats just lying on the pier like this. Strange.
This one used be worth a lot of money at some point.

Not as much money as this one though! Wow!

The Sapphire is owned by a Greek/Russian businessman. 
It was built in 2011, and has a current value of around $80 million. 

Funny Santa.

A different colored pigeon.

Two German rigs.

We took a break in this park for a few minutes.

The old train station has been turned into a park as well.

The Christmas tree is still up on the pedestrian street.

Taking another break to watch the world go by.

While we were downtown, I popped into the Vodafone cell store. Our ten days of unlimited internet is up once again, and I wanted to make sure we don't run out of data. I had managed to get into the My Vodafone website and saw a special package at €5 ($7.25 CAD, $5.75 USD) for unlimited data for 7 days. 

I was grateful that the girl in the store spoke perfect English, because they have a very confusing system, and Google Translate doesn't seem to do a great job with Greek. She explained that these are special deals that only I have access to through the online site. She could not activate it for me. And she said that the deals change all the time. I had noticed that this one had a deadline of January 10th to activate it. So I wanted to put a €5 credit onto the account, but the minimum is €15 euros! So I went ahead and did that, hoping that it would do us for the rest of our time here in Greece.

When we got back to Max, I checked online to make sure my €15 had been credited properly and was surprised to see my balance at over €30. She did say that they often give bonuses! So, that should easily do us for the rest of our time in Greece.

Scenery along the way.

We went back to Max and had some lunch, and then headed out of town along the coastal road.

The road, the cycle path, and the walking path.

Who can build highest up the mountain?

The mornings clouds moving off in the distance.

We had a beautiful sunny afternoon!

Great views along this road.

These trees are normally decorative, but they grow wild in this area.

View looking south.

Our road up ahead.

This is a really pretty area.


Looking north.

Scenery along the way.

We found a spot to park for the night. Nothing special, and too close to the road, but once it got dark the road was very quiet. 

Slept fine. We have to get going this morning because it looks like there is a lot to see along this section of coastline! The weather looks great for today, but clouds and showers moving in tomorrow, and through the weekend.


And in Canada...


  1. Sad about the boats. My grandparents cabin cruiser was still sailing after they sold it sometime in the late '80's. Boat was from the early . 1900's.

    1. It really is sad because that one boat would have been a beauty. Your grandparents must have really looked after their boat. I bet it had a lot of style if it was from the early 1900's.

  2. Did you have any Kalamata olives?

    Are you going to any of the Greek Islands?

    1. No we didn't, at least not that we know of. They could have been served to us and we would never have known. We aren't real big olive people, we will eat them but we don't go out and buy them.

      No, we aren't planning to go to any of the Greek Islands. We don't have a lot of time left here in Greece and the ferries are expensive.

  3. What a beautiful drive, and I especially love the cover photo. Glad you got out on the bikes as well; that looked like fun.

    1. This is the kind of scenery we were thinking about when we thought of Greece. The scenery that we saw during the first part of the Peloponnese was not so attractive. We don't mind being by the sea when we have the rocky shores and the mountains and of course the beautiful colour of the Mediterranean Sea.

      We had a great bike ride along side the beach, then through the park and into the city center, we love it when there are dedicated bike paths like this.


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