The Hotel Palota in Lillafüred, Hungary.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Zvolen, Slovakia.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Crossing into Czechia later this week!

Sunday, January 9, 2022

No sunshine, but we still managed to get out for a bit

We woke up to rain Saturday morning, and it really poured down for a couple of hours. Eventually, the rain stopped and we got on the road. 

We're only doing short distances each day because we like the area. If we have to do a few longer driving days as we approach our Turkiye border crossing around the 20th, then hopefully we'll be in an area where we don't like it so much! And if we do happen to miss some things along the way, it will give us reason to return some day.

Did you think I misspelled the name of the country Turkiye? 


On December 3, 2021 the Turkish government quietly announced the official name change. Turkiye is no longer Turkey!

No sunshine, but at least we still see the scenery.

That's our road over there.

Scenery along the way.

Every time we come to a little village, I get just a little bit nervous because I always expect there's going to be a big truck or some other vehicle coming my way. And I've kind of noticed that it's the smaller vehicle that has to do its best to back up or somehow get out of the way of the larger vehicle.

So I always hope that we're the larger vehicle, and so far that's the way it's been.

Heading through a village.

Yes, this is a two way street!

An actual sand beach.
Most of them in this area are pebbles and stones.

The main road is covered with sand!

There was no sun, but it was actually a nice enough day otherwise.
Not much wind, and it never did rain again until late afternoon.

That's our road!

We love drives like this.

We had a lot of rain this morning!

We arrived in the port town of Gythio (pop 5,000) and left Max parked on the street to wander around a bit. Later in the day, we ended up moving to a municipal parking lot where motorhomes and vans are allowed to spend the night during the off season.

The island at Gythio.

Out for a walk.

There is a small ruins site right in town.

And we popped into a My Market grocery store. We hadn't been in this chain before, and for a small town it was actually a pretty good grocery store. They had a decent gluten free section so we stocked up on three loaves of decent bread at €2.70 ($3.90 CAD, $3.10 USD) a loaf. 

They even had gluten free tortillas.
Yes, at 6 tortillas for €3.50 ($5.00 CAD, $4.00 USD).
Yikes. We did not take advantage of that.

Waterfront at Gythio.

Today, we will stop and see a shipwreck, and then head further northeast.



  1. Parliament quietly announced today that the new name will be Canadiye. Pretty strange, ehye?

    1. Lol, yeah but wouldn't it be spelled Canadeh? At least that is the way they spell it on the t-shirts. :-)

  2. Gythio was one of our favorite places to stay in Greece. Would love to go back.

    1. That is good to hear, we liked Gythio as well. I hope that you can make it back there one day. :-)


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