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Monday, January 10, 2022

Shipwreck of the Dimitrios

We were out for a walk before 8:00am Sunday morning! We still wanted to go over to the lighthouse in Gythio, and it wasn't raining at the time so we decided to go for it while the going was good.

After that, we drove to the very cool (and a bit spooky) shipwreck of the Dimitrios just north of Gythio, then we headed inland to a little village that doesn't get many tourists.

Gythio is a pretty quiet town at 8:00am Sunday morning...

Waterfront walkway.

Mermaid statue on the pier.

Old car on a roof!

No idea!

The lighthouse at Gythio.

This old castle is now the Gythio museum, but it might only be open during busy season.

We walked back to Max and got ready to head out. There had only been one other motorhome in the parking area, which was kind of surprising.

Max, parked at GPS 36.76194, 22.566282

We did the short drive north to the shipwreck of the Dimitrios. I had seen a few pics of this shipwreck, and it's in a very photogenic location. There are also several viewpoints along the upper part of the road that offer views of the shipwreck, and then you can park at the beach and walk right up to it.

The Dimitrios was built in Denmark in 1950. There are a lot of different stories about how it ended up on the beach north of Gythios in December 1981, some related to the smuggling of cigarettes from Turkey, some related to engine problems and the crew not being paid, and some related to it being in port at Gythios and being "accidentally" set free where it drifted up onto the north shore and was abandoned.

The salt water has sure taken a toll.

I like this shot.

And this one.

Of course the graffiti criminals have had their way with this side.

Can you see me?

From there, we headed inland to the small town of Agios Dimitrios Zarakos (pop about 1,000?). Not for any particular reason, it was just along the way. There is a big parking lot next to their community center, and it looked like it was a nice quiet place to spend the night. 

Along the way, it started raining pretty hard, so we pulled into a big gas station and waited it out. We ended up having lunch there, and filled the fuel tank with diesel at €1.45 ($2.08 CAD) per liter. That is the equivalent of $6.20 USD per gallon.

Lots of orange trees in this area.

And they are just loaded with oranges.

They could use a new bridge here.

Heading into Agios Dimitrios Zarakos.

We parked up at the community center and went for a walk...

Olive trees.
Things cleared up, and we had a couple of hours of blue sky.


Agios Dimitrios Zarakos.

How old is this olive tree?!

Max, parked Sunday night at GPS 36.93294, 22.820454

As expected, it was a totally quiet night. A bit chilly though! It was only 5C (41F) outside when we woke up. Didn't want to get out of bed!

Today, we head back to the coast and we are going to an actual campground on the east coast of the Peloponnese. Max's toilet tank is getting full, and the batteries are getting low. Not much sun in the forecast, so we are going on holiday for a day or two!


And in Canada...


  1. What a coincidence. My favourite Greek folk song is "The Wreck of the Dimitrios Fitzgerald!"

    1. Hmm... I think we will just stick with the original song! :-)

  2. Looks like a great day! My kind of weather.

    1. As long it only rains for an hour or two each day we are fine with that so long as we are able to get out and enjoy a hike or power walk we are happy. Right now the temperature has been pretty much perfect for those activities. :-)

  3. I'm loving Greece via your eyes and camera lens. Will you take a ferry across to Turkiye or drive all the way north in Greece?

    1. We are so happy that you have been enjoying our posts on Greece. We are definitely seeing some different sights and places that aren't high on the tourist's itinerary we we are totally enjoying.

      We will be driving all the way to Türkiye, unfortunately the ferries from Greece to Türkiye aren't running and they have no idea at the moment when they will restart again.

  4. I believe the items in your "no idea" photo are huge bumpers, aka fenders, for boats (BIG boats) coming into the dock. Smaller ones are used on smaller boats, like the ones we used to hang over the rails of our 30' sailboat when docking. Great photos!

    1. Yes, you are totally right they are marine fenders. Someone else mentioned that possibility so I checked it out on the internet and confirmed it. Thank for suggesting this to us as well. :-)

  5. Enjoying your blog and pics are great! Be safe!
    - MJ Vickers

    1. We are so happy to hear you are enjoying our blog and pictures. We are going to have some interesting adventures in the coming months. :-)

  6. Love the car on the roof! Greece is lovely😊

    1. We thought that was cute too! It was on the roof of a little restaurant beside the parking lot where we spent the night.

      Greece is lovely and we are enjoying our time here. Not sure if we could say the same thing had it been the middle of summer when everything is super busy and very hot though.

  7. Wow nice pictures off the shipwreck.

    1. Thanks! It was a neat shipwreck to have been able to see up close like that.


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