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Thursday, July 23, 2020

If you don't ask, you don't know!

Woke up to rain and drizzle Wednesday morning. First, they said it would stop around noon... then they said, well maybe it will stop around 2:00pm. But it was actually closer to 4:00pm!

We drove closer to Marquette. I was planning on stopping at the Lowe's to wait out the rain with some decent free WiFi, but as we passed through the town of Negaunee, I saw a sign at a propane place advertising 99 cent a gallon propane.

Sherman's propane is getting low, and I wanted to put some in before entering Ontario.

It was still before 9:00am so the place wasn't open yet. But I pulled into an empty lot where we waited until they did open. Surprisingly, we picked up a good unsecured WiFi signal.

So we waited.

9:00am came and went, and still no sign of activity. I walked to a business next door and asked if they knew when the propane place opened. Nope, they had no idea.

So we waited some more.

10:00am came and went, and still nothing. I walked back up to the little office building where I saw a sign with a phone number and I called the number. It turns out they only sell household heating propane, and they do it by appointment only. Well, why the big sign on the road advertising the cheap price? We weren't the only RV that pulled in looking for a deal.

Anyhow, it was still raining and foggy so we stayed put for another few hours figuring we would carry on into Marquette when it stopped.

But it never stopped! Eventually, we just got going.

We pulled into the Marquette Tourist Park at about 3:30pm and it was still drizzling. We were there to meet up with blog readers (and full time RV'ers) Tina and John who we have been in contact with several times over the past couple of years. They were right along our route, so it wouldn't have made sense not to say hello.

We went and sat under their awning for a while and chatted. The rain finally stopped and we decided to have an early dinner (separately) and then go for a walk afterwards.

Lake Superior.

There is a big iron ore dock here that is still in use.

The ships pull up to the side to load from the rail cars.
The ramp on the right was to unload coal for the generating plant that was shut down in 2019. 

The marina near Presque Isle Park just north of Marquette.

Light Station.

Nice two hour stroll, but by 8:00pm it was time to say goodbye. The tourist park wanted $30 USD ($40 CAD) per night and didn't have any dry camping sites so we were carrying to find some free overnight parking at a nearby casino outside of town. Marquette itself is a busy tourist area and there are lots of signs warning of "No Camping or Overnight Parking".

Tina, Moose (the dog) and John.
Thanks for spending some time with us!

Flowers by the roadside.

Lake Superior.

We pulled into the Ojibwa Casino and saw about 15 RVs all crammed into one corner of the lower lot. The lot was not at all level, and it just wasn't an ideal situation in our mind. Especially given that there was a tractor trailer with it's engine loudly running for whatever reason.

I parked in the same lot, as far away as I could from everyone else and still be reasonably level. 

Most people just follow the crowd, and assume that because that's where everybody is parked then that must be where they want the RVs to park. But we saw a lot of better parking opportunities in empty lots that were far away from everybody else.

So I walked up to the casino entrance, put on my mask, and went inside. There was a security guy there making sure that everybody who went in had mask and hand sanitizer. I asked him about the RV parking, and he says "You know, we've been open since last December, and you're the first person who has ever asked me about that. I can't understand why people don't park over there" he waves a hand in the direction of the area I wanted to park in.

So there you go. Most people just follow the other sheep. But we have learned many times that if you don't ask, you don't know!

Sherman, enjoying the sunset parked far away from all the noise.

Today, the skies have cleared and it's looking like a beautiful day to do some hiking and/or biking at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

2 Pack of Life Jackets are on "Deal of the Day" today only. All sizes.

And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Sorry our stay is only going to be a short one.

  2. For reasons I don't understand, people with diesel engined trucks feel a need to idle them at length.

    1. We don't get it either, it wasn't like this was a refrigerated unit or that it was too hot that the driver needed the AC on or too cold that they would need the heat on but we are very happy that we could park well away from that noise. :-)

  3. Ha!..My dad and I did not get along..One of the things I remember him telling me, speak-up, go to the front of the crowd...As in go ahead and ask!..The answer will be yes-no-or thanks for asking..
    It's worked for 5'5" me for years...:+)........

    1. Your Dad was right about speaking up or asking. The worst that can happen is that the person says no!


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