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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Knock, knock, knock... again!

Tuesday was a bit of a rain day. It actually started off overcast, and when we woke up at 6:30am the rain hadn't started yet. It was coming from the west, and we were heading east so we figured we could outrun it a little. So, we did some driving right away.

We got in 79 miles (127 kms) before breakfast, and pulled into the town of Hurley right before the Michigan border.

We found the local library, got ourselves parked up in a nice level spot, and hooked onto the really fast free WiFi signal from the library.

And then it began to pour with rain.

It rained pretty steady for about 3 hours.

Before we knew it, it was lunch time! Just getting ready to eat when there was a knock, knock, knock at the door.

I leaned over and opened the window, and there was a police officer.

"Just checking to see if everything is okay" he says.

"Yep, everything is fine. Just making use of the library WiFi", I explained.

I guess we had been parked there for too long? Who knows. Maybe somebody complained? Can't see why... there was lots of other parking space. Maybe the police in this area just don't like RVs hanging around. I remember that was the case in Miami Beach quite a few years ago when the police there told us that "Miami Beach does not cater to RV's".

Anyhow, he was friendly enough. It's just very strange that we have an interaction with the police twice in three days. He even suggested that if we needed to park overnight there was a nearby rest area that they refer people to.

Anyhow, by after lunch the rain had stopped and we needed to get some more driving done.

Lots of forest up here.

City Hall in the town of Mellen.

An old school of some kind.

Lots of forest up here.
The scenery is very similar to northern Ontario.

We stopped at the town of Bruce Crossing and topped up the gas tank again at the cheapest prices we will see for the rest of this trip.... $2.04 USD per gallon ($0.72 CAD per liter).

Then we carried on to the village of Michigamme where we looked for an overnight spot and went for a walk around the village. But there was nothing decent. We lost an hour during the time change when we crossed the border, and didn't feel like driving any further.

So we pulled in to a roadside rest area which we don't normally do because they are usually too close to the road. But this one had a nice view of the water, so we got settled for the night.

Sherman, parked up for the night.
The sun actually came out for a few minutes!

The view from our side window.

It was a decently quiet night until the rain came down in buckets for a few hours. Still drizzling this morning as we make our way into the city of Marquette.

Yesterday's drive 190 miles (304 kms).

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And in Canada...


  1. You are going to stop at the Soo, aren't you? It's just as fascinating as the Panama Canal. (For non-Michiganders, Saulte Ste Marie. I grew up north of Grand Rapids...Michigan, not Wisconsin.)


    1. Yes, we are but mostly to stock up on groceries and hopefully get in a bike ride. We have seen the locks in Sault Ste. Marie before and yes, they are fascinating to see and watch. If we do get out for a bike ride maybe our path will lead us in that direction. :-)

  2. How funny... We just left 'Marquette Tourist Park' campground this morning to head back downstate ☺️

    1. That's too bad that we just missed you then. We hope you had a nice visit in Marquette.

  3. I usually tell cops that, "I don't drive in bad weather unless I absolutely have to". That has usually gotten them off my case as they don't want to be accused of creating a dangerous situation. I think it was originally Norma's idea.

    1. That is exactly what we said after telling that we were using the library wifi, that we don't enjoy driving in the rain. Anyways, he didn't give us a problem, we just thought it was weird that he would be knocking on our door in the middle of the day.

  4. Culture is so interesting to me. As a Brit, who is used to when the police knock they wont ask if everything is alright as any kind of displeasure but would say that you need to move by x time. To me, still, I would think "oh how lovely that they checking in on us" and think nothing more of it

    1. And that is exactly how we thought of it. It was nice of them to check on us, it was just strange that it happened in the middle of the day that was all.

  5. I'm with Natasha, I'd take it as a complement, an officer noting your out of state/country plates and just checking to see if you were O.K., and maybe looking for a spot to spend the night...I wasn't there of course..Much better than a knock on the door at some sleeping hour...Eh?...
    Only cuz you almost over the border...The eh?....Just David here....

    1. We had absolutely no issue with the officer knocking on our door and checking up on us. We really just thought it was weird that he did it in the middle of the day, and yes we would much rather that he do it then than in the middle of the night.


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