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Friday, July 17, 2020

Oh well... it's only water

As some readers have mentioned, there are a lot of bike paths in this part of Minnesota. Yesterday morning, we drove back to the park in Willmar where we got the bikes off and tackled a pathway that leads about 40 miles (65 kms) up towards Paynesville.

We didn't do the whole thing... but we did pretty well!

And yes, many of the paths in this area are fairly flat. The only really hard workout you get is if the wind goes against you.

Scenery along the way. Lots of corn in this area.

I like this photo!

Taking a break in the shade.

We made it to Green Lake, and the town of Spicer.

At the town of Spicer, I saw a tire and wheel shop that didn't look too busy. Sherman has been wearing one front tire a little oddly, and I wanted to switch it around with a wheel from the back. So we stopped in and asked them if they could do it while we were driving through later in the day. 

The guy refused to give me a price, which I didn't have a real good feeling about. He was all like "well, those duallies sometimes don't come apart really easy". And so I told him that I wanted to make sure that it wasn't going to be $100 for what should be a 15 minute job. "Oh no, of course it won't be that much."

Hmm. Not sure I would want to be on the water with that storm coming in.
Maybe he was heading back to shore.

This is as far as we went.

We headed back to Sherman, and got caught in a bit of rain along the way. Oh well, it's only water.

We had done 23.5 miles (38 kms) and that was enough!

We had a late lunch and then drove up to the tire shop in Spicer. What should have been a 15 minute job turned into a half an hour... simply because the guy didn't move very fast! He sure wouldn't make it on a Nascar pit crew. It cost $38 USD ($52 CAD) to switch around two wheels. Yikes.

Lol... that would have cost 100 pesos ($4.50 USD, $6.00 CAD) in Mexico.

But, they had a nice out of the way yard there, and I asked if we could go do some laundry and then come back after they close and spend the night. "Yep, no problem"... so that's what we did.

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And in Canada...


  1. Cool bike path! Never been to Minnesota, but it makes me think of that Fargo movie and the "yha, you betcha" lingo! But I've read that for canoeing it's muy bueno!

    1. Not sure that we have ever watch the Fargo movie, I think now that you have mentioned it that we should try to find the movie.

      The bike path was fantastic and we know that there are going to be so many more along the way. And yes, we would say the the canoeing would be great here too. We went kayaking yesterday, just to change things up a bit from our hiking and biking.

  2. Just wondering how many miles you have to drive after you cross at Sault Ste. Marie?

    1. 795 km according to Google.

    2. Actually, about 740 kms (460 miles).

      Theoretically, Sherman can do 1,000 kms (600 miles) on a tank of fuel, however I have never tested it that closely. He will definitely be running low when we arrive.

    3. I sure hope the border guard lets you drive that far, that's a four-day trip for Sherman 🤣

    4. Lol, yep that is a long day's drive for both Sherman and for Kevin but we have done it before!

  3. I recognize that wood bride..over Nest Lake. The summers we lived in our fifth wheel we stayed in the park just north of the bridge. Another 2.5 miles you would have been in New London. Safe travels!

    1. That is definitely the bridge! We did think of you both and when we drove by New London yesterday we waved to you both. Sorry that we had to decline your invitation to stop by for a visit but as Kevin mentioned we just thought it wasn't prudent of us to as we are just trying to do our best at staying away from people as much as possible. Hopefully our paths will cross again some day.

  4. Deer River, Mn, here. Reading a bunch of RV blogs. Will you be heading East before getting this far North? We see lots of RVers at the Cenex in town.I always wonder if they might be folks whose blog I read. Happy, safe travels.

    1. Hi there Gail! No we aren't headed in the direction of Deer River. We are skirting around Minniepolis and heading in a northeasterly direction up to Sault Ste. Marie.

  5. Would it not make more sense for you folks to cross at Cornwall? Wouldn't that be a shorter drive on this side of the border?

    1. Yes, it would have been a much shorter drive in Canada... but a much longer one in the U.S., and through some pretty congested built up areas... Chicago, Cleveland etc. No thanks. Although the drive in Canada is longer, it is by far the shortest and easiest overall route.


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