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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Looking forward to tomorrow!


No particular reason. It occurred to me last night that I always look forward to tomorrow! What's the point of living if you don't have anything to look forward to?!

But, tomorrow hasn't happened yet, so let's talk about yesterday. We left our spot by the lake and made our way into the town of Newell where we used their free library WiFi to get caught up on things.

Then, it was a drive east. No, the scenery is not that spectacular in these parts...

Most of the drive looked like this.

Occasionally there was something exciting like a curve in the road.

Or some rocks.

Or an abandoned farm.

But most of the time it just looked like this.

We pulled into the town of Faith (pop 500) and used their library for a while. Then we drove over to the Faith City Park where they have several RV sites around the perimeter of the park. There were a couple of not bad sites at $10 USD (13.50 CAD) per night. We could have found a free spot somewhere but wouldn't likely have had any shade. So we bit the bullet and went to the self serve pay box.

There was a pen in there and one single payment envelope that was all wrinkled from having got wet at some point. 

We walked up to the center of town where the local police guy pointed us to the town office. There, I asked the lady for more payment envelopes, but she said she didn't know where they were. But, I could just pay her. So I did, and she asked if I wanted a receipt. I asked her if anybody was going to come and ask me if I paid, and she said no, not likely!

So, some people probably don't pay. But, when a town offers a spot to park with some shade, electricity, and a dump station... it's worth $10 to us.

And so here was where we spent the afternoon and evening.

Not bad... not even any train tracks nearby!

Yesterday's drive 93 miles (149 kms).

Today, we are headed further east to the Missouri River where we lose an hour with the time zone change at that point.

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  1. Replies
    1. We don't mind having train tracks nearby as long as the trains don't go through at night. :-)

  2. No receipt? They must have a lot of faith there.

    1. Lol, yes they must! I guess they want to live up to their name. :-)

  3. Temp in Ottawa is 36 feeling like 43! Rain tomorrow.

    1. This is usually what happens in Ottawa at this time of year. Hopefully your rain will cool things down and take away some of that humidity.

  4. Nice finding inexpensive camping as you get into the warmer climates.
    If you are heading for Ottawa you're better off to cross near Ogdensburg, New York to take advantage of the cheaper Fuel Costs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No, because that would add many more miles and aggravation driving through congested areas. We can make it all the way from Sault Ste Marie without having to stop for fuel. Makes much more sense.


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