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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Off to the island

One of the tourist attractions here in Patzcuaro is Janitzio Island. And it's worth a visit if you've never been here before.

But Ruth and I have been to the island 3 or 4 times... and we really didn't need to go again. And the people in our group who were with us last year didn't want to go again either. So I walked down to the embarcadero (dock) with those who wanted to go and I guided them to the ferry pier where they caught the boat to the island.

From the campground, it is a 6.5 km (4 mile) walk, downhill all the way.

We stopped in at the church that has been converted to a library.

And on the way down we also stopped in at the other RV park in town just to show it to the people who had never been here before. There were maybe 5 or 6 rigs there. It is a smaller park, but a bit closer to town and not the easiest for bigger rigs, although somehow some of them manage to squeeze in.

Buying their tickets for the boat.

The water level is low, and the boats have to somehow churn their way through the weeds.

That's where they are headed.

Getting on the boat.

I said goodbye to them and made my way back up to the Bodega Aurrera store where I met up with Ruth who had walked down there with Roy, Sue, and Garth. They took a cab back to the park, while Ruth and I walked.

Scenery along the way.

Good exercise going back up to the RV park! By the time I got back I had done almost 13 kms (8 miles).

Had a nap in the afternoon and puttered around a bit, filled up our water tank. As I was doing that, two other RV's pulled in... a fifth wheel and a class A motorhome, both from Quebec. Then a half an hour later another Class A diesel pusher towing a vehicle pulled in as well. The place is starting to look busy, although there are still 5 or 6 empty spots.

Lake Patzcuaro at dusk.

Today, we hope to take the group into the copper town of Santa Clara del Cobre.

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And in Canada...


  1. Janitzio has an interesting history. The municipality is made up of the five islands on the lake. The walk up to the monument (532 stairs) via the tourist route is a good walk although we discovered other routes that the locals take and we found some good restaurants at local prices. A visit to the cemetery gave us a good idea of the history which is next to the church and it also has a good look out. We also drove around the lake but made the mistake not taking local ferries to the other islands where there are ranches and farms. We will go again for sure.

    1. Yes you are right, there are a number of different paths up to the monument and we have come down one or two of them before. Still having been to Janitzio a few times before we just didn't want to do it again, It would however be interesting to maybe go to one or two of the other islands. We have been around the entire lake before just by taking the local bus, that was a number of years ago though and we also boondocked at the other end of the lake in someone's driveway for a few days and checked out some of the little villages there just by walking to them. It is definitely an interesting area and there is a lot to see around here.

  2. That’s a very interesting mural on the wall. I’d like to know who painted it and how long ago.

    1. I am assuming you are talking about the big colourful mural that is on the back wall of the La Biblioteca Publica Gertrudis Bocanegra (Library)? It is a piece by Juan O'Gorman and is of the history of Michoacán, he started it in 1941 and finished it in 1942.


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