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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Mexico RV Caravan Travel Day - Uruapan to Patzcuaro

No need to rush out of Uruapan because it was just a relatively short 80 km (50 mile) drive to Patzcuaro. So we left the RV park shortly before 9:00am and regrouped at a nearby gas station to get ourselves headed in the right direction to get through the city of Uruapan.

There is no easy way through Uruapan. It's a busy city, and the main east west road is four lanes of busy traffic with a bumpy road and lots of traffic lights. But, it's also an easy route to follow, and we had no problems.

Just before we got out of the city, we stopped at a big Soriana grocery store that also has a big convenient parking lot. Did some stocking up in the booze department because the prices were so good. I bought a bottle of my favorite Scotch...Old Smuggler, for 131 pesos ($9.10 CAD, $7.00 USD) and also picked up a bottle of cheap whisky that I had never seen before. Turns out that it's from Spain. Who knew that they make whisky in Spain?! Anyhow, it was only 118 pesos so I figured I would try it. Then, going through the cash it turns out that it was "buy one bottle of liquor, get the second for half price" day. So my Spanish bottle of whisky only cost 59 pesos ($4.10 CAD, $3.15 USD).

Oh, and 200 pesos ($13.90 CAD, $10.75 USD) for 24 cans of Carta Blanca beer.

Also stocked up on milk and juices. We like buying most of our meats and fruits and vegetables at the local markets, so we will do that in Patzcuaro.

Then, we took the free road to Patzcuaro. There is a corresponding toll highway, but the free road is scenic and we've taken it before so we knew that it was in good condition. We did have to get on one section of toll road near Patzcuaro where they have done a bunch of highway construction and they've even redone the interchange where we had to exit, so it was a bit confusing but we made it okay. Had to pay a 61 peso ($4.25 CAD, $3.25 USD) road toll, but it saved us from having to drive through the city itself.

Not sure why, but Ruth didn't take many photos of the drive.

Here in Patzcuaro, we are at 7,500' altitude. But, the temperatures are perfect in our opinion... 24C (75F) and blue skies during the day, and maybe 5C (41F) at night.

The RV park has full hookups with good 30 amp electricity. But the best part is the view...

This is the view out our front window.

We are here for a week. There is lots to see and do in the area, so we'll be keeping the group busy!

On another note... I booked us some more flight tickets. 

We will be driving the motorhome up to Saskatchewan in April. Taking a bit of a different route, we are going to stop in at Kansas City, Missouri. From there, we will store the motorhome for 10 days while we fly back to our old hometown of Ottawa, Canada for a visit. Round trip tickets were only $309 CAD ($237 USD) per person, so I scooped them up. 

We will be in Ottawa from April 11th to April 21st.

Record low deal on the ThermoPro Indoor Outdoor Thermometer. Outdoor sensor is lithium rechargeable. I use one like this in our RV and put the outdoor sensor in our RV fridge to monitor temperature.

And in Canada...


  1. Our fav place! In 2016 the restaurant there was fantastic.

    1. We agree, this is one of our favourite campgrounds, mostly because of the fantastic view over Patzcuaro. :-)

  2. Fantastic view. Glad to know there are hookups at some camps. Better get Ruth straightened out and back on the job taking pictures. :))

    1. Yes, the view is amazing!

      Most campgrounds have hookups but the electrical is sketchy at many of them, it's just that we don't always stop at campgrounds. So far this trip we have stayed at 15 different overnight spots but really only 7 of those are considered campgrounds and only 2 of those 7 had full working 3 way hookups with 30 amp electricity. If you stay by the Pacific coast where most of the RVers go, then most if not all the campgrounds will have 3 way hookups but the electric might be iffy at some of them and not always powerful enough to run an air conditioner. We chose the lesser known path inland and here not all the places that we stay are actual campgrounds so there is a lot of dry camping involved but everyone in the group knew this ahead of time.

      I didn't take many pictures because there were too many trees along the side of the road that I couldn't get a decent shot of the scenery a lot of the time. I will try to do better on our next drive, lol. :-)

  3. I just finished our bottle of Old Smuggler. Best price I can find in San Miguel is 139 pesos. Lots of good eats around Patzcuaro and nearby cities.

    1. That price isn't far off of Kevin's price of 131 pesos, so for San Miguel that isn't too bad of a price. :-)

      Yep there are definitely lots of good eats around here. Yesterday's birria in the market was too die for!

  4. That is a wonderful view from that campground.

    1. It sure is! We think it is one of our best campground views. :-)

  5. Ahhh.... that’s my one of my favourite campgrounds last winter. I remember not feeling well most of the days we were there; but the view made all the difference.

    1. It is definitely a beautiful view from the campground and probably one of the prettiest campground views in Mexico, mind you our boondocking at the edge of the Copper Canyon sorta had it beat! ;-)


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