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Monday, January 13, 2020

Just another great day in Mexico

A bunch of us went for a walk yesterday morning along a dirt road that goes through a farming area on the other side of the highway. We took off at about 9:30am and went for about an hour and a half.

A few clouds in the sky, but very pleasant temperatures. Highs are around 24C (75F) and lows around 6C (43F). In our opinion, perfect.

We were walking along when we noticed a commotion up ahead. Around the bend came a herd of sheep and goats, moving quickly...

We stood well off to the side to let them pass.

Lots of cows along the way.

After our walk we went for another walk... this time into town. We wanted to go for lunch at the La Tradicion de Apatzingan Restaurant. We were there last year, and I really enjoyed their enchiladas with chicken.

Jim, Owenita, Aron, and Ruth.

Martha, Mona, Sue, Roy, Garth, Roger, and Larry.
(Bob and Denise had stayed back at the RV park).

Yep, that's what I came here for!

We each had a margarita at 45 pesos ($3.15 CAD, $2.40 USD) per person, and my big plate of enchiladas was 90 pesos ($6.30 CAD, $4.80 USD). Ruth had the chicken mole at 70 pesos ($4.85 CAD, $3.75 USD) but I didn't think it looked as good.

After lunch, we wandered down to the central plaza to watch the Dance of the Little Old Men.

As we were waiting, we watched this bicycle built for 14 make it's way around the plaza.

Dance of the Little Old Men.

I took a video for you.... turn up your volume...

Dance of the Little Old Men.

Courtyard at 11 Patios.

There are lots of artisans working here.

They do some detailed stuff!

Scenery along the way.

Another great day in Mexico!

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And in Canada...


  1. Jeez, I wish THIS little old man could still move like that.
    As usual, thanks for the great pictures and text. We love tagging along on your adventure!

    1. Lol, the funny thing was that none of those guys dancing were little old men! ;-)

      So glad that you are enjoying our adventures and our pictures, thanks for tagging along with us. :-)

  2. OMG, that plate of food looks amazing!!!


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