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Friday, January 3, 2020

Time ran out!

Ruth and I like to play Yahtzee and Backgammon. In fact, we play those games almost every day. It's become kind of a habit when we are traveling in the motorhome to play a game or three of backgammon before happy hour. And we play Yahtzee while we eat supper!

A few years ago, we started keeping track of our scores on an annual basis. Are you ready for the final scores of 2019?

We played 666 games of Backgammon. I was winning for the entire year, usually by between 25 to 30 games. But in the last couple of months Ruth started catching up, and by the time all was said and done, I only won by 8 games with a final score of 337 to 329. Time ran out on her. We will see if she manages to maintain her winning ways of the last part of 2019 and carry on into 2020.

And in Yahtzee, time ran out on me a long time ago. My total score was 86,466 and Ruth's score was 87,775 for a total difference of 1,309. I had won the last couple of years, so I guess it was Ruth's turn. But we hadn't kept track of games played or wins versus losses, so that will be an interesting statistic that we will keep track of in 2020.

A nice looking Bug!

On to other news.

We were originally scheduled to leave here today and move on to our next destination. But Garth is having another problem with his rig. He has an oil leak at the oil cooler. The only way to properly repair it would be to remove the oil cooler itself. But that's a huge job that involves removing the air conditioning condenser and a bunch of other stuff. And of course in a motorhome engine compartment there is no room to get at anything.

So we are attempting a quick fix epoxy repair that might just last a long time. Or it might not work at all, but it's worth a try given the alternative. It requires some dry time and a couple of coats so we have decided to extend our stay here through the weekend and head out (hopefully!) on Monday.

Yesterday was an oddball weather day.

It was raining on and off with some high wind gusts. We even heard there were trees down in Mazamitla. It didn't clear up until about 3:00pm. And sometimes, it was raining fairly hard even while the sun was shining!

That made for some beautiful rainbows...

This rainbow was really weird because it followed the contours of the hill.

But, the storm finally finished just after 3:00pm. We walked into Valle de Juarez to Chema's El Retiro restaurant because he does a pozole special on Thursday's... and then I was surprised when only 3 people had pozole. Most of the others wanted shrimp, which is also a good choice.

After that, Heinz and Ulli invited everybody over to their apartment for drinks.

Today looks to be a nice day so far... we need to get hiking or biking!

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And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, they certainly were. I have never seen a rainbow hang around so much, it came and went for about an hour or two.

  2. My late wife.....Joycee..loved playing Yahtzee......What a fun game!....
    Still watching you kidz....
    Having fun!

    1. I have played Yahtzee since I was a kid, and then we played it when our kids were growing up and here we are still playing it and it is the set of dice that I had when I was a child.

      So glad that you still enjoy following along on our adventures.

  3. Weird weather indeed. Puerto Vallarta was raining hard all day on New Year’s Day. Hope Garth’s rig issue gets resolved and may dry and warm weather follow you in the coming weeks.

    1. Hopefully you are back to sunshine down in Puerto Vallarta.

      Yes, we hope that we will have Garth's rig issue fixed at least to get him through the rest of our trip.

  4. hey there Happy New Tear...we have kept track of our backgammon score for the year...I won 1261 games and Barry won 1274 games..he beat me by 13 games for the year...pretty close... hope you have a couple of great travel days coming up...Jeannie

    1. Wow, you guys played a lot of Backgammon last year! We are so glad that we taught you how to play. For having played all those games, losing by 13 games is definitely really close. We look forward to seeing who wins this year. :-)

      Hope you both had a wonderful New Year's and we wish you the best for 2020.


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