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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Out exploring, and time to move on

Yesterday, some of us just hung around the campground and some of us went exploring. Ruth took off with Roger, Mona, Aron, Owenita, and Denise to go see Lago de Zirahuén.

I never left the campground.

But, I enjoyed my day. I puttered around Sherman, checking the oil, filling up the windshield washer fluid, checking the tire pressure and generally getting things ready for our morning departure.

Vacuumed and cleaned the windows too!

Meanwhile, Ruth and her group had walked into el centro trying to find the collectivo that would take them to Lago de Zirahuén. It turned out that they had to go to the bus station itself, although it was still a collectivo van that they took to get there.

The following photos all taken by Ruth...

GPS 19.450661, -101.729451

One of the reasons for the trip was to explore the area and see if there was any suitable RV parking by the lake. Might be a good stop on a future trip. They found a place called Torre Molino Cabins and Camping. 100 pesos per person per night, with lots of room for a group of RVs. No hookups.

Less than a five minute walk to the lake.

Lago de Zirahuén.

They found a place for lunch.

Mmm. Shrimp empanadas!

Nice little restaurant.

Aron, Mona, Roger, Owenita, Denise.

Church in the quiet lakeside town of Zirahuén.

Looks like a good spot to spend a couple of nights.

Our time in Patzcuaro has come to an end. We always enjoy a visit here... there is so much to see and do in the area. Another week wouldn't have been frowned upon! But, it's time to move on. We're headed into the mountains near the Michoacan/Mexico state border to see the butterflies! Always a magical experience, this will be our sixth visit, and our fourth different sanctuary. Fingers crossed that the weather co-operates for the best experience possible for the group.

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And in Canada...

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  1. Beautiful lake. Have a safe travel day.

    1. Yes, it is a pretty lake, one of the cleanest that we have seen in Mexico.

  2. We know that restaurant! What we liked was that the lake and water were very clean, or free from trash.

    1. we got the recommendation for this particular restaurant from a guy that we saw working further down the road and it was a great choice.

      We agree, it is definitely the cleanest lake that we have seen in Mexico. They are trying to keep motorboats off the lake except for some sightseeing boats so that is a nice way to try and keep it clean. :-)


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