A nice start to the day at Lower Mazinaw Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Nice to take a relax day every now and again

With an unexpected three additional days here at Valle de Juarez, yesterday turned into a mostly relax day. It was supposed to be a travel day, but we have now put that off until Monday. Nobody in the group seems to mind, and that's the whole idea... a relaxing trip with lots of flexibility.

I did get a few things done though. About a year ago we had bought a new shoe hanger thing that was designed to go over the back of a door. But we cut it into sections and then attach them to the bed frame. Just for another use of space in the motorhome.

We kept forgetting that we had it.

Out with the old.

And in with the new.

There were actually five different sections to it, so with one in the entrance way, there are now four around the bottom of the bed. Great places to store footwear and other stuff.

Four of these attached to the bottom of the bed frame.

Also did a bit of reading and organizing for our onward travels once we leave here. 

We had another rousing game of LCR at happy hour... Ruth won again! For the second time this season! Poor Garth didn't win at all last year and still hasn't won this year. Good thing it's only 3 pesos ($0.20 CAD, $0.16 USD) loss per game! Lots of laughs for the money.

Another gorgeous sunrise this morning.

Today is market day again. Wow, that week went by fast!


And in Canada...

Nice price drop on the Canon EOS 80D SLR Digital Camera


  1. What engine does Garth have in his MH.

  2. Nice to have rest days and even got a couple of projects done.

    1. It is very nice having rest days. Even though our stay here in Valle de Juárez has been pretty relaxed, we are still out there doing something almost each and every day. It felt nice to not have to go anywhere and just hang around Sherman and get a few things done. :-)

  3. Beautiful sunrise photo! We bought one of those shoe things for our motorhome as well and also cut it into sections. One long and skinny section went on the inside of my closet door, and one horizontal section by our entry stairs also. Great minds!

    1. The sunrises and sunsets have always been beautiful here but we have had a couple in just the last few days that have been amazing.

      Yep, those shoe organizer things are fantastic when you want to make the best use of small areas. :-)

  4. Those cut up shoe hangers make Very smart use of space indeed.

    1. They sure do! We have enjoyed having the other ones but we have now had them almost 10 years and they were literally falling apart, so it is nice to have the new ones finally installed, plus they are better quality ones.


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