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Monday, January 27, 2020

Market day in Valle de Bravo

Our original schedule had us leaving Valle de Bravo yesterday (Sunday), but everyone is enjoying themselves by the lake so we decided to stay an extra couple of days. Really like the fact that we have a fairly flexible schedule... after all, it's all about enjoying your time and not feeling rushed.

Yesterday was market day in Valle de Bravo and we needed to stock up on some fruits and veggies.

So around 9:30am we walked up to the road and took a collectivo into town.

I meant to show you these pics the other day. They are doing some work on the major road into the center of town, so traffic is rerouted a bit...

Major roadwork.

This part is already completed.

Of course they were not working on it yesterday. Those pics were from Friday.

We made our way to the market...

This guy has a big knife!

Lots of wonderful fresh produce.

Ruth, buying a cantaloupe.

We had been at another stall where we had picked up a nice looking cantaloupe and asked the guy how much. He replied 50 pesos ($3.50 CAD, $2.65 USD) which we knew was really expensive. Admittedly, it was fairly large but still. I don't know whether he was just trying to take advantage of us thinking we didn't know our prices, but needless to say he didn't make a sale. We picked up the one in the photo above for 25 pesos.

 Got what we needed and headed back to the marina to relax for the rest of the day.

Gorgeous sunset last night.

So today is another free day with nothing official planned for the group. I think some might go for a bike ride, and others might take the kayaks out for a spin on the water. I have to take apart my fridge burner and clean it up to get ready for our time on the coast where it will be baking hot. You want your fridge operating as efficiently as possible when the temperature is 30C (86F) or more every day.

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And in Canada...


  1. Yup. Those sunsets by the lake really make you want to hang around longer!

    1. They sure do, among other things! We could easily spend a couple of months here and never be bored. :-)

  2. According to legend, gringos have a lot of money :)

  3. I wonder if all those street bricks were numbered#?...They did a great job..They probably do puzzles in their spare time.....

    1. Nope, none are marked they are all random but pretty much the same size and they have strings stet up so that they get set into the concrete all in line. After the concrete sets they give them all a coat of something to shine them up and protect them better from the elements.

      Watching them all spend time doing this work, I doubt they have much spare time!


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